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Month: July 2019

Azure Mobile App – Should you use it?

In a previous post when I highlighted the Azure Advisor, a message that came up on login. The message for Azure Advisor was actually only one of the things that caught my eye on login. The other was an invitation (?) or note to try the Azure mobile app.


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What is Azure Blob Soft Delete and Should I use it?

In my last post about using the Azure Advisor for a review of services and their configuration used in Azure, I immediately went to address the high impact (or red) recommendations. Naturally, I then was to look at the medium recommendations and one of them caught my eye for one of my storage accounts: “Enable Soft Delete to protect blob data.” This had me thinking, what is soft delete? How and where should it be used. Here is the medium impact recommendation:

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Azure File Share Remote Connection Checklist

Today I had a situation where I wanted to connect my Azure file share to my Windows PC. This is a very important step in putting a practical use case around the Azure file share from outside of the Azure cloud. I had a few questions and required steps to get there, so I decided to share them with some consideration so you can easily do this when the time comes for you.

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