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The Case of Initial OOBE (Unboxing) DataON S2D-5208i Azure Stack HCI Node – #AzureStackHCI

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today, I will be showing you the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) for a DataON S2D-5208i (Azure Stack HCI) node. What we have done so far is plug in the onboard Lan-On-Motherboard ethernet ports and connected our cross-connect 25 GB cables between both nodes. When the units ship, they are pre-imaged with DataON’s standard build, and upon first poweron, you can access the server via their Intel Integrated BMC Web Console. In our case, we accessed the server using DataOn units ship with a default user ID / Password combination of – admin/admin or admin/admin1....

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The Case of Migrating an Azure Stack HCI Cluster to a new Fabric Domain – #AzureStackHCI #S2D

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, This week I was tasked with moving an existing Azure Stack HCI (S2D) Cluster to a new Fabric Domain. Traditionally, this would require us to tear down the cluster and rejoin the machines to a new domain and rebuild the cluster. With Server 2019, Cross Domain Migrations are supported.     Migrating a cluster to a new domain original steps were found at I have since updated with the rest of the steps required to do this for an Azure Stack HCI Cluster.   In the following steps, a cluster is being moved from domain...

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The Case of Configuring DataON S2D-5219 as a Veeam Backup and Replica Target using Storage Spaces Standalone – #Veeam #DataON

Hey Checkyourlogs and Veeam Fans, Today, I’m going to look at a newly certified configuration from DataON and Veeam. Recently DataON has certified its DCS Storage Server as a Veeam Backup Target. You can check out the details here   In this certified configuration, the unit shipped with a Broadcom RAID Controller with two RAID 50 Spans across 6 HDDs. My Configuration is going to be slightly different as my team has been using HBA’s and Storage Spaces Standalone for the past 3 + years. We find the configuration extraordinarily stable and it performs like a champ.  ...

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The Case of Veeam Failed to Process Replication Task Error: Boost::FileSystem::Create_Directory

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today, I was called in to troubleshoot a weird error for some Veeam Replica Jobs that were failing. In the console, the error message was displayed as – Failed to process replication task Error: boost::filesystem::create_directory: The system cannot find the path specified: “E:\” Agent failed to process method {FileSystem.DirectoryCreate}. This error was not very helpful for me, so I decided to check the veeam logs directly on the Veeam Backup and Replication Server. I went to c:\programdata\Veeam\Backup Found the Replica Job and opened the logfile job.<JobName> Once inside the logfile, I searched for the word error....

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The Case of lost connectivity to the Management Network on Azure Stack HCI #AzureStackHCI

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today, I was called in to work on a case with a customer that had messed around with their Virtual Switch Settings in the Hyper-V Console on an Azure Stack HCI Cluster. I didn’t get a lot of details but what I did get emailed was this “I was building a Virtual Machine in Failover Cluster Manager and I couldn’t get it on the network. So, I went into Hyper-V Manager Virtual Switch Manager and made some changes. After that, I couldn’t ping the host anymore”.   I was able to logon via the out of...

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