Month: March 2019

Configuring Windows Analytics: Part 2 Creating the Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Introduction When configuring the workspace, it is usually a best practice to create a unique workspace using a free subscription to house the Windows Analytics solutions and data. Using an existing workspace is possible but it may muddy the waters between functional teams. What I recommend is only one workspace for Windows Analytics per tenant. You may want to keep all your workspaces in the same resource group depending on what Azure Log Analytics is being used for but for this example, I’ll be deploying to a new resource group with a new workspace. Creating the Workspace Creating the...

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Configuring Windows Analytics: Part 1 Prerequisites

Introduction Welcome, since I’ve been working with a number of clients using Windows Analytics I thought I would share some tips on getting up and running plus make sense of all the ways it can be configured. This blog series reviews the strategy and steps I have used to configure device telemetry for Windows Analytics with various organizations. And to add a twist I’ve decided to break with my tradition of making mega blog articles and break this one up into the following posts. Part 1: Prerequisites Part 2: Configuring Azure Log Analytics Part 3: Configuring Windows Analytics with...

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The Case of the Failed Storage (East/West) Switch fabric with #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, I wanted to write to you today chatting about what happens if you lose your East/West (Storage) Switch Fabric with Storage Spaces Direct. In my design for this customer, they had a Dedicated pair of Mellanox switches for their Storage Network and then different core switches for their North/South (VM & MGMT Networks). We had to do some emergency maintenance on our pair of Mellanox Switches that would require a reboot of both. I let the customer know that when this happens, the RDMA (RoCE) traffic would just fail over to non-RDMA (RoCE) during the outage....

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The Case of Troubleshooting a failed Windows 10 Pro In-Place-Upgrade like the Pro’s – #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, With the looming deadline of January 2020 coming up very very fast I know many of you are racing to get your Windows 10 upgrade projects done. With that said I wanted to share an extremely handly little tool that Microsoft has built to help troubleshoot failed upgrades. It is called setupdiag.exe and is a real life saver. You can grab a copy from here: Our situation today was a failed upgrade and this prompt on the end users machine: The Installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT Phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA operation. This error...

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Checking out Windows Admin Center 1903 – DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory Previews #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Tonight, I wanted to checkout some of the brand new previews that are now available inside of Windows Admin Center Insiders Build 1903. I have been waiting for a long time for the ability to manage DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory so let’s see how this goes. Step 1 – You need to Install the new Preview Extensions after you upgrade or install Windows Admin Center 1903. Here is the install in progress. After I installed the extensions, Windows Admin Center reloaded the main page. First up is the Active Directory Extension. It is really responsive....

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