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Author: Cristal Kawula

Cristal Kawula is an accomplished author, blogger, and world-renowned speaker who is highly regarded for her expertise in enterprise consulting. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, she is a trusted leader who has helped numerous clients with their IT challenges. Cristal has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for the past several years and is highly respected within the Microsoft community. She is a sought-after speaker who has presented at numerous conferences and events around the world. Cristal is also a prolific writer who has authored several books and hundreds of articles on Microsoft technologies. As the founder of TriCon Elite Consulting, Cristal leads a team of experts who provide top-notch consulting services to clients worldwide. Her deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies, combined with her ability to understand clients' unique needs, makes her a valuable asset to any organization. Cristal is known for her innovative thinking, her ability to solve complex problems, and her dedication to delivering exceptional service to her clients. Her passion for technology and her commitment to helping others succeed have made her a highly respected expert in the industry. Follow her on twitter @supercristal1

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How to transfer FSMO roles

As part of the migration process the Flexible Single Master Operations Roles (FSMO) will need to be transferred to TMDC03. It is quite common to have these roles spread out throughout the infrastructure. It is also very important to understand what each of these five roles does in a multi-master Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) domain.

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How to upgrade the Active Directory Domain Services Forest and Domain for Windows Server 2022

The commands listed below to upgrade Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) Forest and Domain’s are taken from our production methods of procedures. This process can be performed by simply running adding a Windows Server 2022 Domain Controller. If ADPrep.exe hasn’t been run it will run automatically. In a production environment we like to have more granular control and verification processes for any Schema modifications.

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How to verify the SYSVOL replication state (FRS or DFSR)

Prior to proceeding with the upgrade of Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) to Windows Server 2022 we must upgrade the replication of the SYSVOL. This is especially relevant if you ADDS Forest came from Windows Server 2000 or Windows Server 2003. The steps below will help us verify and upgrade the replication model of the SYSVOL if required.

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