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Restoring your Azure Virtual Machine to an Alternate Location – #MVPHour #AzureBackup

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today, we are going to see how easy it is to clone my LAB Virtual Machine in my Azure Tenant to another VM. I wanted to do this because I have some upcoming presentations and a single Virtual Machine with Nested Hyper-V just wasn’t enough. Step 1 – Open your Azure Portal and Enable Backups     (I’ve had mine running for a while so here is what the source looks like.) Step 2 – Click Restore VM Step 3 – Choose your Recovery Point Step 4 – Choose to restore to an Alternate VM – In my...

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Converting Virtual Machines with Pass Through disks using Veeam Agent for Windows – #Veeam @Veeam

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, Today, I want to showcase a hidden little gem with Veeam Agent for Windows. Let us have a look at our problem. This VM is a SQL Server, and in the original design, the team decided to build out on their ISCSI SAN using Pass-Through Disks. These are known as Raw Device Mappings (RDMs) in VMware. The problem is that Veeam or Azure Site Recovery cannot replicate a VM with this configuration. Here is what the Pass-Through disk looks like inside the VM. So, how can we fix this? I like to use Veeam Agent for...

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Veeam Agent for Windows Error – Failed to load backup meta from file #Veeam @Veeam

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, today I encountered a very weird error when attempting to take an incremental backup of a SQL Server using the Veeam Agent for Windows. When running the job, it would immediately fail with an error message that said: “Failed to load backup meta from file: Blah veeam Backup.vbk.” This was a very interesting error message because I had just completed a full backup earlier that morning. Here was the error message from the Veeam Console. Digging in the UI told me to have a look at the logs for more details. So, I went to the...

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Checking out Azure Security Center and Security Center (ATP) – #MVPHour #Azure #Security

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, I’m coming off a wonderful day presenting at the local Azure Bootcamp in Calgary and I wanted to show you some of the cool things you need for your Servers. There hasn’t ever been a better reason to upgrade to Windows Server 2019 until now. The tight integration with Windows Defender, Advanced Threat Protection, Security Center, and Azure Security center should surely win you over. First,, let me show you The only thing you need to do to use this is to sign up for a trial to check it out. Then you just onboard...

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Integrating Windows Azure Hybrid Services with Windows Admin Center 1904GA – #MVPHour

Hey there Checkyourlogs Fans, Today we are going to look at the latest release of Windows Admin Center version 1904. This is not the insiders build, but the latest GA build that Microsoft has delivered and it has some cool new enhancements. Like the new Azure hybrid Services. Let’s go have a look at that now. Setting up Azure Hybrid Services (WAC 1904GA) Instructions Screenshot (if applicable) Logon to Windows Admin Center and select the Server you want to work with. Click on Azure Hybrid Services and click Register your Windows Admin Center Gateway to get Started On the...

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