BUG Alert – Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V Triple Fault Bug Workaround – #Hyper-v #StorageSpacesDirect #Veeam

Hey Checkyourlogsfans, We have been experiencing an issue in the field for a while now with Server 2019 where when a VM that is migrated to 2019 it fails with a Triple Fault: Critical 03/01/2019 16:13:49 Hyper-V-Worker 18560 None ‘Test VM 1’ was reset because an unrecoverable error occurred on a virtual processor that caused a triple fault. If the problem persists, contact Product Support. (Virtual machine ID 90B45891-E0EB-4842-8070-F30FF25C663A) Right now, Microsoft does not have a fix for this issue and today came up with the following workaround. Quote: Ben Armstrong – Microsoft “In the meantime, it is possible...

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BUG Alert – SDDC Management Resource (Windows Admin Center) is Impacting Storage Spaces Direct Virtual Machines on Server 2019 – #StorageSpacesDirect #S2D #WindowsAdminCenter

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, I had the pleasure over the past few weeks to work with a customer that had recently deployed Windows Server 2019 and Storage Spaces Direct. With any early deployment, we expect to hit some bumps in the road, and we found a good one this week. Microsoft has identified a bug that relates to the SDDC Management Resource inside of Failover Clustering. Basically what happens is that this resource times out via calls from Windows Admin Center and causes the RHS process to terminate causing running Highly Available Virtual Machines in the Cluster to crash and...

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Join us for the first ever MVPDays Microsoft Flow Conference – #MSFLowConf #MicrosoftFlow #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today, I’m writing to you with some exciting news. We have over 5000 people registered all ready for our Microsoft Flow online event tomorrow. It is at capacity, and we have even gone beyond what Goto Webinar can even handle. Good news for you though is that we have a live Simulcast running on youtube with unlimited capacity. http://aka.ms/flowconf Please join us in celebrating what could be the largest online community event in history. If you want to checkout the speakers and schedule go to www.mvpdays.com You can also still register there for the waitlist and...

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Script for port range forwarding in Azure #Azure #NAT #Microsoft #MVPhours

Today I will be talking about a script which Angus @FrostedFright has made for port range forwarding. If you don’t already know about setting up NAT and port forwarding via Routing and Remote Access tool then you should check out my previously blog that is called, “How to build Hyper-V nested VMs with multiple IP addresses Port Forwarding at Azure” and you can come back to this blog so you can understand this subject clearer than if you didn’t check out my previously blog. You should think that it is now easy to make multiple port forwarding, but it is a lot harder to use port range forwarding instead. Let’s get started with this tutorial!

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How to Create Azure account with $250 credit for free #Azure #MVPHOUR #Cloud #FREE

As we know, there are lots of features on Microsoft Azure cloud, in order to use those features, you need to create a Microsoft Azure account, it’s very easy to create, also you will get $200 credits at the first month.
If you are a newcomer on Microsoft Azure, no worry, I am going to show you how to create Azure free account with $200 credits today, just follow the steps as below.

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Free to build Sophos XG firewall at Azure Hyper-V Nested VM #Azure #MVPBUZZ #MVPHOUR #FIREWALL #SOPHOS

Have you been followed my previously blog to build up Hyper-V nested virtual machine on Microsoft Azure? If you don’t, you better build it right now, because this is pre-requisites and you will get lots of benefit for your lab or even production environment, you can reference this link and build it. If you did, congratulation! You can create a nested gest virtual machine and install Firewall (e.g. Sophos XG, Fortinet…) for free, why we still need to build firewall at our Azure Hyper-V nested environment? Because it supports lots functions that we cannot get the functions for free from Azure, e.g. server load balance, firewall, SNAT, application filter, IPS…and so on, we also can use it for LAB or simulate issues or POC. I am going to show how to build Sophos XG here.

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How to build Hyper-V nested VMs with multiple IP addresses Port Forwarding at Azure #Azure #MVPBUZZ #MVPHOUR #FIREWALL

Today, I am going to show you how to build Hyper-V nested VM with multiple public IP address, you just need to pay Microsoft for one Hyper-V host with storage space and public IP addresses, you can install firewall, created lots of VMs, load balancer, control routing path, port forwarding and so on, we can use them for LAB test, POC, or even production.

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The Case of Upgrading a Veeam Backup Repository from Windows Server 2016 to 2019 and Enabling Deduplication on ReFS – #ReFS #DeDuplication #WindowsServer2019

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, I was working with a customer today, and we are finally ready to upgrade our primary Veeam Backup Repository that is running Microsoft Storage Spaces on Windows Server 2016. The new Operating System will be Windows Server 2019 LTSC, and the whole point of this upgrade is to allow us to use ReFS + Deduplication. The Deduplication feature is now supported in the LTSC builds of Windows Server and the purpose of this post today is to show you how to upgrade the OS Drives, Install the Deduplication Feature, Enable it and test. Step 1 –...

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That case of updating to the latest .WIM for a thin Windows 10 Image using MDT – #deployment #MDT #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, I was on a call with a customer today that we’ve been supporting for a long time. We help them with their Windows Deployment / Imaging solution, and along these lines, we have setup an extremely thin imaging process. What we wanted was when the next version of Windows 10 comes out, ie. 1803 or 1809. We wanted to be able to update the task sequence with a few simple steps. Here is what we do when the new version comes out: Step 1 – Download the new ISO from the Volume Licensing site. Step 2...

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The Case of not being able to Migrate between Hyper-V Clusters using SCVMM – #HyperV #SCVMM

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, Today I was working a case with a customer of mine that had built out a new Hyper-V Cluster using SCVMM. We had the new cluster built with SCVMM and were at a point that we wanted to use Shared Nothing Live Migration between the two clusters to move VM’s. However, we ran into the error below when we first tried. No Available connection to the selected VM Network can be found. No Connection to the subnet “External Switch” with sufficient resources could be found. The fix for this was pretty easy. Just open the Fabric...

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Is Hardware Giant #SuperMicro in trouble over recent hacks to their hardware via the supply chain? – #HackingNews #HyperConvergence #HCI

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, As many of you know, I have been an advocate of the HyperConverged solutions on the market for quite some time. During my adventures in this space, I have done a lot of work with Vendors that OEM SuperMicro hardware for their solutions. It makes a lot of sense because SuperMicro makes it quite easy to rebrand and customize the solutions. The unfortunate reality is that with the recent announcements from Bloomberg that came out this morning it could be disastrous for companies that use this hardware. I can’t confirm that the models listed in the...

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The Case of figuring out Performance Counters to monitor Storage Spaces Direct – #StorageSpacesDirect #SCOM

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Tonight I had a call with a customer that was looking for specific counters to monitor for Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2016. I had stumbled across a document a while back that came with the SCOM Management Pack download for Storage Spaces Direct. I reviewed this again and felt it would be a good thing to share with everyone. It’s always a struggle to figure out what the good bad and ugly look like especially with performance counters. You can grab a copy of this document here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=54700 When downloading you are going to...

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Finding the Windows 10 1809 Media and Upgrading – #Windows10 #Windows1809

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,   Today I was asked by a customer to find the Windows 10 1809 media, and it took me a while, but I did find the link for you. If you go here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 you can grab your copy today.     You can also grab it from your MSDN, Volume License, or Academic sites. Creating your installation media has never been easier. You can use the Create Windows 10 Installation Media Tool to handle building a bootable USB key or grabbing the ISO itself. If you just want to kick off your upgrade right now,...

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The Case of Locking down the Hyper-V Host Virtual Adapter in the Management OS with an Access List – #Hyper-V #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,   Just a quick post tonight from a case that I was working on today for a customer. They had a special requirement to lock down their Hyper-V (Storage Spaces Direct) hosts on secure networks. These networks are going to have 2 x Node Storage Spaces Direct Clusters built that will contain PCI data (Credit Card Info) for storage terminals.   There were several ways that we were looking at locking down this traffic to the host management network. A couple of them were IPSec, Windows Firewall and others. What we were playing around with tonight...

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#MSIgnite THR1070 – Go from Zero to Hero using Azure Site Recovery: Surviving a Ransomware Attack – Session Recording now live #Azure #AzureSiteRecovery #Ransomware

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, This past week I had the distinct pleasure of presenting an amazing session with Emile Cabot on Azure Site Recovery. This session was a continuation of the Zero to Hero series we had been presenting over the past few years. This time instead of looking at configuration we decided to look at the anatomy of a real-world Ransomware attack and how Azure Site Recovery could be used to save your bacon.   During this session, one of the key points to take away is that you have to assume that everything is lost. And when we...

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Let’s Take a Look at the MSIX Roadmap #MSIX #MVPHour #Win10

Introduction There are so many announcements to keep up with at Ignite, I’ve been trying to stay within my wheelhouse, which has largely been all things App-V. With over 20 years of experience in application packaging, I instinctively track new technologies such as MSIX like a jumping spider tracks a mayfly. I’m only going to cover the roadmap items below, and in some cases, the details are a little sparse. For a good primer on the MSIX platform, check out my previous post from the Windows Developer Day keynote. I’m confident that if Microsoft can stick to their roadmap,...

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Introducing the Intune PowerShell SDK #Intune #PowerShell #MVPHour

Ignite is turning out to be boiling over with new technologies and ideas, and you can really feel the momentum building behind Intune. For those of you that are struggling to customize Intune to suit your organization’s requirements, there is a collection of PowerShell scripts on GitHub maintained by David Falkus (@davefalkus) and others at Microsoft and the community that you need to start using. These scripts have become a great reference for using Graph API, which is the supported method for connecting to Microsoft 365 cloud services. The scripts have also helped with day to day management. I...

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Security Baselines, Intune and MDM. Oh My! #Intune #GroupPolicy #MDM #MVPHour

Security should always be at the forefront of our thinking these days and I can tell you that I’m up to my elbows in it on a regular basis. Today, it was announced that Microsoft has finally developed a security baseline for Intune that should help many us of dealing with custom security policies and help standardize our methods for hardening devices. With the traditional desktop, I usually walk through a fairly well-defined process when configuring the Group Policy security baselines: Go to Microsoft and download a baseline Modify it accordingly Test and remediate issues Deploy to production Unfortunately,...

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Intune Builds a Bridge #SCCM #Intune #Win32 #MSIX #MVPHour

Microsoft Ignite 2018, has kicked off and without wasting any time, Brad Anderson made a huge announcement for Intune that finally answers the problem of deploying Win32 applications via the cloud. In its 25th year, the mega-conference brings together the best and brightest in the industry and showcases the bleeding edge in hardware and software within Microsoft’s ecosystem in a sprawling and decadent affair. This is one conference I make a point of attending. Last year at this time, I discussed Microsoft’s introduction of co-management where Windows 10 devices could be managed through both Microsoft Intune and System Center...

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The Case of Configuring Forced Tunneling in Azure to route Virtual Machine traffic back through an on Prem Firewall – #Azure #AzureSiteRecovery

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today I was working with a customer that has a requirement of keeping internet traffic flowing back through their head office after we migrate VM’s to Azure using Azure Site Recovery. The reason for this is that they have purchased a security appliance that they want to keep on-prem for the foreseeable future. By default when we move a Virtual Machine to Azure using Azure Site Recovery the Route Tables for the Subnet override what is inside the VM. Let’s have a look at the problem at hand. What you see below is a Virtual Machine...

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#PowerShell – Reporting on Certificate Templates via #ADSI

All certificate template information is stored in Active Directory. As it’s shared configuration through a forest, it’s stored in the AD Configuration partition. I needed to report which certificate templates and their associated OIDs. Let’s do it with simple code and no external modules.

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iWarp the Movie featuring #Intel and #Microsoft #RDMA – #StorageSpacesDirect #WindowsServer #SMBDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Here is a quick little post on iWarp as a protocol that can be used to run RDMA for your Storage Spaces Direct deployments. The best part about iWarp is that it doesn’t require Switch or Server configuration it is pretty much plug and play. To this effect, Intel has created a nice little video explaining how it works. NOTE: I haven’t personally setup a Storage Spaces Direct configuration in production using iWarp yet, and I am working with my first customer that is using it this week. Traditionally although more complete the lossless RoCE v2...

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Hidden Updates to ReFS.sys Version 2457 in Microsoft KB434884 – #ReFS #Veeam #HyperV #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, I was recently reading an update from a friend of mine at Veeam – MVP Anton Gostev in his Monthly Veeam Forums digest. In the September 3rd -9th 2019 Digest Email he stated that Veeam has been doing some extensive testing of Hotfix KB434884. This hotfix doesn’t state anything about fixes for ReFS in it. The ReFS.sys driver doesn’t get updated with every Windows Update or Rollup and this August one is supposed to have backported performance and stability improvements that are there in Windows Server 2019 to 2016. In this hotfix, nothing is stated about...

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Getting Started with the Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner Tool for #HyperV – #AzureSiteRecovery

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,   Today I want to have a look at some planning tools that Microsoft provides to help you get started with Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery. As always with any project planning is an essential part of the equation. Before this tool, all of our work to plan a Disaster Recovery project with Azure Site Recovery was done with spreadsheets in Excel.   This tool will help automate the process and help us get a good cost estimate as well and appropriate sizing requirements for the project.   First, you should read up on the tool at...

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Protecting your Virtual Machines with Azure Site Recovery from Windows Admin Center – #WindowsAdminCenter #AzureSiteRecovery

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, In this post, we are going to look at the steps required to protect your infrastructure using Azure Site Recovery integrated into Windows Admin Center. First, let’s have a look at our Windows Admin Center and our source Hyper-V Server.     The Virtual Machine that I would like to protect in this post is a VM called TCCALRDS02. There is a Help protect your VMs from disasters by using Azure Site Recovery – Set up Now link. Let’s try that.   When clicked it opens Register the gateway with Azure and has three steps. Device...

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