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Author: Cary Sun

Cary Sun has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in data center and deployment solutions. As a Principal Consultant, he likely works closely with clients to help them design, implement, and manage their data center infrastructure and deployment strategies. With his background in data center solutions, Cary Sun may have experience in server and storage virtualization, network design and optimization, backup and disaster recovery planning, and security and compliance management. He holds CISCO CERTIFIED INTERNETWORK EXPERT (CCIE No.4531) from 1999. Cary is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Microsoft Azure MVP, Veeam Vanguard and Cisco Champion. He is a published author with several titles, including blogs on, and the author of many books. Cary is a very active blogger at and is permanently available online for questions from the community. His passion for technology is contagious, improving everyone around him at what they do. Blog site: Web site: Blog site: Twitter: @SifuSun in: Amazon Author:

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How to Configure Custom Safe Links Policies in Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Safe Links is a feature in Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly known as Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection or ATP) that helps protect your organization from malicious hyperlinks in email messages. When an email contains a hyperlink, Safe Links checks the URL against a list of known malicious links. If the link is safe, the user can access the website normally. However, if the link is malicious, Safe Links blocks access to the website and alerts the user and administrators.

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