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How to configure Azure update

Managing updates via Azure Updates should now be available and pre-configured on TMWAC01 (Windows Admin Center server). These steps will have us review these settings, as it does take some time for the uploads and scans of information to make this fully serviceable.

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How to setup Azure Arc

Integrating on-premises environments has never been easier using Azure Arc. Azure Arc provides a bridge between Azure base resources on on-premises. This is now the 1st recommended step after configuring Azure Hybrid Services in Windows Admin Center.

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How to upgrade the Active Directory Domain Services Forest and Domain for Windows Server 2022

The commands listed below to upgrade Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) Forest and Domain’s are taken from our production methods of procedures. This process can be performed by simply running adding a Windows Server 2022 Domain Controller. If ADPrep.exe hasn’t been run it will run automatically. In a production environment we like to have more granular control and verification processes for any Schema modifications.

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How to verify the SYSVOL replication state (FRS or DFSR)

Prior to proceeding with the upgrade of Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) to Windows Server 2022 we must upgrade the replication of the SYSVOL. This is especially relevant if you ADDS Forest came from Windows Server 2000 or Windows Server 2003. The steps below will help us verify and upgrade the replication model of the SYSVOL if required.

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How to open .HEIC in Windows 10

Are you getting emails from IPHONE come sometimes with attachments as .HEIC extensions but cannot open them natively in Windows 10? No worry, please follow below steps, the OneDrive automatically converts them.

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Please on hold to install Jan 2022 patches


Please on hold to install patches for servers, there are lots of issues happened after install patches, the detail as following information.

Patch Tuesday Megathread (2022-01-12) : sysadmin (

Please wait up to 1 week prior to touching these updates on servers or at least TAKE A BACKUP PRIOR to ANY PATCHING.


Cyber Team at TriCon Elite Consulting.

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How to fix FRS is deprecated error

If you are trying to promo windows server 2019 as domain controller, it happened “Verification of replica failed. The specified domain {Domain-Name} is still using the File Replication Service (FRS) to replicate the SYSVOL share. FRS is depreciated.” Error, this is because Windows Server version 1709 (or up) can no longer be added as an Active Directory domain controller (DC) to an existing domain that is still using File Replication Service (FRS) for replication of the SYSVOL share.

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