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Overview of our Microsoft MVP / #VeeamVanguard Sessions for #VeeamON 2017 #MVPBuzz

This year at VeeamON 2017 in New Orleans Dave and I will be presenting a total of 7 sessions. We wanted to do a quick write-up on them to let you know when and where they will be. First of all, let’s have a look at the floor plan for the Conference and Expo Hall in New Orleans. On Wednesday May 17, 2017 come hang out with Dave and Myself at the Microsoft Booth # 103. There will be a presentation theater setup there and we have a total of 5 sessions that we are doing including: (Note: The...

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Improvements to the Blog – We hope you like them #mvphour #mvpbuzz

We have been working really hard as a group of Community Evangelists to improve our blogging content and quality of the blog site. Over the past few weeks we have added some really cool new features to and we hope you enjoy them. New Feature #1 – Mailing List and Blog Subscription list We have long been asked to provide a monthly mailer and updates as content gets posted to the blog. Well we have finally found the time to get this done and all it takes from you is a few simple clicks on the main blog...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 16 #StorageSpacesDirect #mvphour

As you read in Part 15 of this blog Series we are able to create some great Gold Images with Big Demo. How do we go about building the actual application Servers from the Gold Images?   Building your Servers with Big_Demo   Whenever you are working with logic and automation it is critical to control the steps that happen.   For example, you can’t join a domain without a functional domain controller? To work around this there is a wonderful PowerShell Function that Dave grabbed from Ben Armstrong @VirtualPCGUy. It’s called Wait-PSDirect and it uses PowerShell Direct to...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 15 #StorageSpacesDirect #mvphour

We have been having some great feedback over the past few weeks on the blog series and especially the BigDemo Script that Dave uses for his deployments.   So, in the spirit of community and the love of sharing information here is a nice breakdown of exactly how the script works.   First of all It can be downloaded from   How to build your Gold VHDx images using PowerShell I figured that we would start with the basics in this script. You can’t have a lab with AD, DHCP, DNS, and Storage Spaces Direct without a Gold...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 14 #StorageSpacesDirect #mvphour

In this blog post in the series we will have a look at some of the different Vendor Designs that have been made available.   Let’s first start with our good friends over at Intel who have a very close partnership with Microsoft and the Storage Platform Teams.   This Implementation guide pretty much uses the exact same configuration that we have defined throughout this blog series. One interesting little add-on though was Intel has a neat little script at the end which allows one to blow away their drive configs and start over. ************USE THIS WITH CAUTION...

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