Author: Kevin Kaminski

Microsoft Renews Calls for Password-less Authentication

Microsoft recently released a whitepaper on password-less authentication, and it presents a good overview of Microsoft’s motivations and methodology for more secure and nearly frictionless authentication in modern computing.  The renewed emphasis on eliminating passwords and replacing them with device-dependent, multi-factor authentication technologies resurfaces the fact that passwords aren’t helping eliminate existing and new attack vectors as they remain vulnerable to bad actors and have become an endless source of pain both for IT and end-users.  Microsoft wants to get the word out that it’s working on the hardware and software necessary to enable password-less authentication across its ecosystem...

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Configuring Windows Analytics: Part 2 Creating the Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Introduction When configuring the workspace, it is usually a best practice to create a unique workspace using a free subscription to house the Windows Analytics solutions and data. Using an existing workspace is possible but it may muddy the waters between functional teams. What I recommend is only one workspace for Windows Analytics per tenant. You may want to keep all your workspaces in the same resource group depending on what Azure Log Analytics is being used for but for this example, I’ll be deploying to a new resource group with a new workspace. Creating the Workspace Creating the...

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Configuring Windows Analytics: Part 1 Prerequisites

Introduction Welcome, since I’ve been working with a number of clients using Windows Analytics I thought I would share some tips on getting up and running plus make sense of all the ways it can be configured. This blog series reviews the strategy and steps I have used to configure device telemetry for Windows Analytics with various organizations. And to add a twist I’ve decided to break with my tradition of making mega blog articles and break this one up into the following posts. Part 1: Prerequisites Part 2: Configuring Azure Log Analytics Part 3: Configuring Windows Analytics with...

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Microsoft’s Mixed Messages Could Derail Windows Servicing Best Practices #Windows10 #WaaS

Background During the tepid Summer of 2018, Microsoft announced that it would be extending Windows 10 support for Education and Enterprise customers from 18 months to 30 months. In conjunction with that extension, they also announced that Windows 7 would receive additional support options for a hefty monthly fee. On the surface, I’m sure Microsoft’s marketing department thought these updates would generate goodwill and cheers of celebration. At a deeper level of analysis, the decisions by Microsoft are worthy of a facepalm because they fly in the face of how organizations should approach managing their Windows 10 ecosystem. I’ve...

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Let’s Take a Look at the MSIX Roadmap #MSIX #MVPHour #Win10

Introduction There are so many announcements to keep up with at Ignite, I’ve been trying to stay within my wheelhouse, which has largely been all things App-V. With over 20 years of experience in application packaging, I instinctively track new technologies such as MSIX like a jumping spider tracks a mayfly. I’m only going to cover the roadmap items below, and in some cases, the details are a little sparse. For a good primer on the MSIX platform, check out my previous post from the Windows Developer Day keynote. I’m confident that if Microsoft can stick to their roadmap,...

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