Month: March 2015

Setting up Azure AD Connect Public Preview

QUICKPOST…. Hey there I wanted to write up a quick note on a new way to connect your on premise Active Directory to Windows Azure. It is called Azure AD Connect and can be is now available for download.   Basically you can now connect your On-Premise Active Directory to Azure in less than an hour. This is a big change from the previous configurations that required AD Federation components and some experience with the services to get them up and running.     To install you simply download the installer from the connect preview site and run it on a Server in your environment. For my example I have chosen to install this directly on one of my Domain Controllers named TCCALDC10. Locate the Installer and run AzureADCConnnect.msi Accept the EULA and click Continue Click Install to install the required Pre-Reqs Configured the SQL Server Name, Service Account and Default Groups Now I had already previously created an Azure AD Account. I simply used this to connect. This account needs to be in the Global Administrator Role Click on Use express settings to continue the setup Now enter a Service Account that will have Enterprise Administrator rights in Active Directory and click Next Last step click Install to complete the installation And there you have it… I tested in Azure AD and my accounts are now there....

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Taking Hydration to the Next Level – Part 4 – ViaMonstra SCCM Post Configuration

During the process of building the outline for our book Advanced Windows Deployments using 1E Software Emile and myself decided that it was really important to emulate a production environment. Most of the scenarios we had seen were simple configurations using a bare ConfigMgr environment. As such I decided to spend the time to write a proper ConfigMgr hydration script that would build all the necessary Packages, Programs, Collections, Deployments and settings required to follow along with our book. This was no small task as it took a little over 4 months of testing and development to figure out...

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Taking Hydration to the Next Level – Part 3 – ViaMonstra SCCM Post Configuration

This is the last video that will cover the ViaMonstra Post Configuration tasks required to get the Hydrated environment working. In this video we will focus on creating the required Firewall Exclusion Group Policies, enable the Client Push Account and give our ConfigMgr Client Push Account local admin rights on each workstation in ViaMonstra. I hope you enjoy the video and as always we welcome your feedback and comments. Thanks, Dave   Check out our book on Amazon  ...

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