During the process of building the outline for our book Advanced Windows Deployments using 1E Software Emile and myself decided that it was really important to emulate a production environment. Most of the scenarios we had seen were simple configurations using a bare ConfigMgr environment. As such I decided to spend the time to write a proper ConfigMgr hydration script that would build all the necessary Packages, Programs, Collections, Deployments and settings required to follow along with our book. This was no small task as it took a little over 4 months of testing and development to figure out how I wanted to do things. This framework made it very easy to follow a consistent structure throughout the book and also allows readers to follow along at home.

The script itself is available from www.deploymentfundamentals.com as part of the book sample files. In this video Emile and myself demonstrate how to properly use the script and show that it is indeed working as advertised. As always I hope you enjoy it!




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