Month: August 2015

Interview with an MVP – Episode 6 – MVPDays 2015 Countdown Show 2

When we record these videos, Dave has it in his head that we must NOT edit! We do try to do these in one take. There are some exceptions however, and almost all of them include Dave being a goof when we start causing us to start over. You can apparently seem some of these “special” moments at the end of episode 6. There is a lot more than a few bloopers that makes this 2nd countdown show worth watching. We announce a special speaker for Vancouver, and run down some of our MVPs that will be presenting, and the sponsors that make this all possible. And of course, leave it to Dave to make announcements that are not supposed to be released yet. But as I say, one take! So once it is out there, it is out there. No edits.   This was our 6th Episode of Interview with an MVP our Microsoft Channel 9 Show. You can check out all of the sessions at We are really committed to putting together some amazing content and value you feedback.  ...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 5 – MVPDays 2015 Countdown Show 1

MVPDays 2015 is fast approaching.  I am very excited to bring you our first MVPDays Countdown show.  Our first year was a lot of unknowns.  This year, I am happy to be able to share a bit of the process that goes into creating a roadshow like MVPDays.  We go over the basics, who, what, where, when and why you should attend (no it’s not just for the food and prizes, though those are worth getting out of bed for).   We announce some of the session that you can look forward to, and how to keep up to date...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 4 – Advanced Windows Deployments

In Episode 4, we get to see one of my favorite Newfies present with Dave on Advanced Windows Deployments.   Though at MVPDays 2014 Emile was a non-MVP guest speaker, I am proud to say that this year he will be presenting as an MVP on System Centre Cloud and Datacentre.  I am very proud to work with Emile, and super Happy that Microsoft recognized the great work he has been doing and awarded him this honour.  Please enjoy this session, and I look forward to bringing you more from Dave and Emile from this year’s MVPDays.   This was...

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Interview With an MVP – Episode 3 – Designing Hyper-V the Right Way

  Hey Viewers!  I’m back with another episode of Interview With An MVP.  In this episode, Dave is bringing you another session from MVPDays 2014.  He was joined by fellow MVP, Marcos Noguiera, in presenting Designing Hyper-V The Right Way.  I was lucky enough to assist Dave with this session when he presented it at VEEAMON 2014 with Mike Reiseller.  We added a nice element of risk being that we presented in Vegas.  Dave had to build his Hyper-V environment in 13 minutes or less… and if he failed, he would give away $500 cash.  So… We tried a...

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Interview with an MVP – Episode 2 – Windows 2003 EOL

In this Episode we discuss how to get rid of those pesky Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers once and for all.  Dave was lucky enough to be joined by Rick Byrne @RickRByrne in this presentation.  The video for this was shot at MVPDays 2014 in Vancouver in front of a sold out house.   MVPDays 2015 is going to be bigger and better than ever.   Don’t forget to register at   This was our 2nd Episode of Interview with an MVP our Microsoft Channel 9 Show. You can check out all of the sessions at We are really committed to...

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