Hey Viewers!  I’m back with another episode of Interview With An MVP.  In this episode, Dave is bringing you another session from MVPDays 2014.  He was joined by fellow MVP, Marcos Noguiera, in presenting Designing Hyper-V The Right Way.  I was lucky enough to assist Dave with this session when he presented it at VEEAMON 2014 with Mike Reiseller.  We added a nice element of risk being that we presented in Vegas.  Dave had to build his Hyper-V environment in 13 minutes or less… and if he failed, he would give away $500 cash.  So… We tried a few dry runs prior to the session presentation (after upgrading demo machines that morning to Windows 10 Pre-release) and all went well.  This was not the case during the session.  Apparently we did not account for the Super Cristal X-factor J.  Needless to say, we ended up giving away $500 cash to one lucky attendee.

This session is how it should go when the demo Gods are on your side…

This was our 3rd Episode of Interview with an MVP our Microsoft Channel 9 Show.

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