Month: February 2017

The Ultimate Veeam Production-Replica Test Lab Step by Step

As a consultant, I implement many different solutions, be they pilot, production, or proof-of-concept. In any organization of any size, it is important to test the implementation, functionality, and management of a new solution before the production environment is touched. To do this we use a test lab. Generally, there are three types of labs: Sandbox: A sandbox is typically isolated, with internet connectivity separate from the production network, and contain a series of VMs with any mix of forests/domains/services. They are often for educational purposes and do not contain any representation of the production environment. Several people have...

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The Worlds Largest Availability Conference – VeeamOn, May 16-19, New Orleans

2017 is a big year for IT infrastructure. Non-volatile SSDs are readily available, Azure datacenters are cropping up in all corners of the planet, and HyperConverged Infrastructure is free to everyone running Windows Server 2016. A lot of companies have been keeping existing systems running for a few years now, as IT budgets were severely cut due to the economy. Hardware, along with operating systems, are due for a refresh. Now oil is on the rise, the government is bloating the deficit with financial incentives, and a production outage has suddenly opened the door to some new upgrades. Time...

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GPO/GPP – Control the Local Administrators Group

One of the issues that data center or even any Windows Administrator has is managing the local administrators group on each and every one of their domain members. There is a lovely security setting that has been around for many years, Restricted Groups, which can be controlled via local security policies of via GPO. This works, but has a few pitfalls as you’ve probably run into once in a while. Keep reading to see how you can solve some of them with Group Policy Preferences.

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Master PowerShell Tricks Volume 2 – Now Available on Kindle

This time with the help of these amazing Co-Authors we have released another amazing volume of Master PowerShell Tricks.   This time we have some new MVP’s that helped out and in no particular order here they are:   Thomas Rayner – MVP and Honorary Scripting Guy Will Anderson – MVP and Honorary Scripting Guy Mick Pletcher -MVP Allan Rafuse – Future MVP Myself – Dave Kawula – MVP And of course, the legendary Ed Wilson – The Scrpting Guys at Microsoft You can get it in paperback or on kindle today. Thanks, Dave...

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Free Azure Training – Microsoft Tech Summit Sessions on #Azure from 2016

Did you miss out on the Microsoft Tech Summit in Toronto, October 27-28, 2016? Well you can check out all of the amazing #Azure Sessions that were recorded. It is an amazing opportunity to ramp up your skills.   Hope you enjoy, Cristal   All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit Looking for Azure session content from the Microsoft Tech Summits? Here is a directory of all of the Azure sessions. Click the link to see the session post, view the PowerPoints, and ask questions.       Find a city near you! Find a city near you! ...

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