2017 is a big year for IT infrastructure. Non-volatile SSDs are readily available, Azure datacenters are cropping up in all corners of the planet, and HyperConverged Infrastructure is free to everyone running Windows Server 2016. A lot of companies have been keeping existing systems running for a few years now, as IT budgets were severely cut due to the economy. Hardware, along with operating systems, are due for a refresh.

Now oil is on the rise, the government is bloating the deficit with financial incentives, and a production outage has suddenly opened the door to some new upgrades. Time for some new gear and a proper DR facility.

The options out there are plenty, and using Microsoft Azure for DR is a cost-effective solution that has all the redundancy one could ask for, but the process to ensure compatibility and actually get there is daunting. Whether it’s S2D or Nutanix, VMWare or Hyper-V, Iaas, PaaS, or SaaS, over the past dozen years or so the industry has looked to conferences for the latest and greatest on hardware, software, and solutions.

Since its founding in 2006, Veeam Software has been on the leading edge of protecting your production workloads and ensuring availability for the modern enterprise, and has a consistent evolution path.  Their new Veeam Agent allows you to back up and replicate your physical workloads with the same simplicity of VMs, bridging a long-existing gap between physical and virtual protection.

Now approaching its third event in May, VeeamOn (http://www.veeamon.com) is the world’s largest event entirely focused on availability. In my view the best public IT conference around today, the event is a great place to get information and real-world tips that aren’t vendor specific. Even at the keynote level, both Microsoft and VMWare are represented.

With a world-class group of speakers consisting of Microsoft MVPs, VMWare vExperts, Linux Gurus and their own Vanguards, Veeam is gearing up for an amazing conference in New Orleans that anyone managing a datacenter or into virtualization won’t want to miss.