Month: July 2017

Full Audio Conferencing for the #SMB Using #S4B and @PGi

A small business recently had a requirement for an audio conferencing solution that would also integrate with Skype for Business. For ease of marketing and management purposes, they wanted to have static dial-in information as well as the ability to use the phone bridge without connecting to Skype. Like more and more small businesses, they have been using Office365 for the past couple years for e-mail and Skype for Business, having migrated from GMail accounts. There is no physical office, and the 4 users work from mobile devices including iOS, Mac, and Windows 10 clients. This is starting to sound like an exam question. Anyway… Since their requirements eliminated the integrated dial-in option, I had to look to a 3rd party solution. When it comes to dial-in conferencing for Skype for Business, there’s only 4 3rd party providers: PGi, Intercall, BT Conferencing, and ATT Conferencing. I reached out to PGi Sales, and they told me that there is a per-user price available, but if everyone is going to be having meetings, there was another option for a pool of minutes to be shared amongst everyone. Because it is a monthly subscription, I went with a user account for now, and will change it if the rest of the team want to leverage the capability. After signing up, PGi provided me with an Excel spreadsheet that had the dial-in number,...

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Preparing to Upgrade SQL Server? Data Migration Assistant! Part 1 #MVPHour #SQLServer #DMA

Datacenter’s and companies everywhere generally rely on a core piece of software to store their data and metrics, SQL Server. It’s nice to keep it up to date, but sometimes, and a lot of the time, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. SQL Server has been around for quite a while, there are many databases hosted by SQL Server. Microsoft has released many upgrade advisors over the years, but recently the SQL Server team has overhauled their traditional SQL Server Upgrade Advisor and have created a new product – SQL Server Data Migration Assistant (DMA), which is different than SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA). To pull off a successful migration or upgrade, you need to do your detective work.

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Windows 10 Deployment Nightmare – Rogue Imaging in #SCCM #OSD

I just got back from a client site where we built their end-to-end Win10 migration solution. It was one of the cleanest environments I’ve had the pleasure of working in, with a solid AD and CM infrastructure, and made things go smooth. Up until my last day on the project. After spending a couple of weeks tweaking their USMT and Win10 user experience, we were at a remote branch testing out the self-serve Win10 migration capabilities with 1E Shopping (great tool, btw…). At every site, the client has app testing workstations…and this location happened to have 3. Two were...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 36 – Virtual Adapter Affinity S2D Deployment #PowerShell #MVPHour #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Storage Spaces Direct fans, I have been on Vacation for the past few weeks so sorry about not having posted for a bit. In this Blog post I wanted to talk about the importance of Virtual Network Adapter Affinity. Here is a screen shot of my configuration below. We have 2 x Mellanox CX-4 Ports one connecting to Top of Rack Switch 1 and the other to SW2. Now what we want to do is bind SMB_1 to Ethernet 5 and SMB_2 to Ethernet 6. One of the neat tricks that I have recently learned is how to...

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Windows 10 Enterprise as DirectAccess Client. Because Windows 10 supports automatic entry point selection and transparent failover, better scalability and performance. Also, windows 10 built-in DirectAccess connectivity status indicator, the administrators don’t have to deploy, manage, and maintain additional software.

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