Month: September 2018

The Case of Configuring Forced Tunneling in Azure to route Virtual Machine traffic back through an on Prem Firewall – #Azure #AzureSiteRecovery

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today I was working with a customer that has a requirement of keeping internet traffic flowing back through their head office after we migrate VM’s to Azure using Azure Site Recovery. The reason for this is that they have purchased a security appliance that they want to keep on-prem for the foreseeable future. By default when we move a Virtual Machine to Azure using Azure Site Recovery the Route Tables for the Subnet override what is inside the VM. Let’s have a look at the problem at hand. What you see below is a Virtual Machine...

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iWarp the Movie featuring #Intel and #Microsoft #RDMA – #StorageSpacesDirect #WindowsServer #SMBDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Here is a quick little post on iWarp as a protocol that can be used to run RDMA for your Storage Spaces Direct deployments. The best part about iWarp is that it doesn’t require Switch or Server configuration it is pretty much plug and play. To this effect, Intel has created a nice little video explaining how it works. NOTE: I haven’t personally setup a Storage Spaces Direct configuration in production using iWarp yet, and I am working with my first customer that is using it this week. Traditionally although more complete the lossless RoCE v2...

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Hidden Updates to ReFS.sys Version 2457 in Microsoft KB434884 – #ReFS #Veeam #HyperV #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, I was recently reading an update from a friend of mine at Veeam – MVP Anton Gostev in his Monthly Veeam Forums digest. In the September 3rd -9th 2019 Digest Email he stated that Veeam has been doing some extensive testing of Hotfix KB434884. This hotfix doesn’t state anything about fixes for ReFS in it. The ReFS.sys driver doesn’t get updated with every Windows Update or Rollup and this August one is supposed to have backported performance and stability improvements that are there in Windows Server 2019 to 2016. In this hotfix, nothing is stated about...

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Getting Started with the Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner Tool for #HyperV – #AzureSiteRecovery

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,   Today I want to have a look at some planning tools that Microsoft provides to help you get started with Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery. As always with any project planning is an essential part of the equation. Before this tool, all of our work to plan a Disaster Recovery project with Azure Site Recovery was done with spreadsheets in Excel.   This tool will help automate the process and help us get a good cost estimate as well and appropriate sizing requirements for the project.   First, you should read up on the tool at...

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