Month: June 2016

Humble Beginnings with Channel 9

I can’t believe that it has been almost a whole year since we started the journey of publishing our content on Channel 9 #C9. @supercristal1 and myself were on a mission to get at least 10 episodes created in the first 60 days. For any of you that have produced content it isn’t easy to step in front of the camera and produce real quality content. Well here we are almost a year later and we now are approaching our 40th episode. Have a look below at episode #1 it was actually filmed inside of our Travel Trailer while...

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Interview with an MVP a year in Review

Folks it has been close to a year since we launched our Channel9 #CH9 series called . We have had such amazing feedback over the past 12 months that I thought we would highlight our top 8 Episodes. These 8 Episodes alone had over 60K unique views and as a result of your support I won the top Channel 9 contributor in all of Canada.   Coming in with almost 50 K views alone are countdown shows that @supercristal1 and I did. These were so much fun to create and I think that we need to get...

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MVPAward #FridayFive

It is pretty cool when you wake up in the morning and your work is recognized. Today it was by the #MVPAward #FridayFive where they select content from top contributors from around the world and feature it.   You can follow the Friday Five at #FridayFive       This was actually the second time that @ClintWyckoff and myself have been featured in the past few months. Here are links to our respective videos on Channel 9 @ch9   #Ch9 Episode 33 – What the Heck is Nano Server – Live from MVPDays 2016: Interview with Cloud...

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Canadian Community Super Hero Award

  This year I was extremely fortunate to win a Microsoft Canada MVP award for the top Channel 9 Contributor. I am not only honoured to received this award I am extremely grateful to everyone that helped me get rolling. Especially @supercristal1 (Cristal Kawula) her videos on the Channel have been the number 1 views for almost 1 year now. Cristal we need you back to help us with more top notch technical content. I have taken the liberty to highlight just a few of your favourite Canadian MVP’s … Sorry if I missed you … You know...

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Hyper-V Networking Deep Dive

I recently had the chance to do a nice Deep Dive session on Hyper-V Networking. It is often hard for customers to visualize what exactly is being configures with Hyper-V once it is installed.   The Diagram below was an illustration that walked through the following concepts:   Hardware Configuration of the Core Switches (Avaya in this Case) NIC Configurations ( 12 x 1 GB in this Case) upgrading to 10 GB in the near future Comparison of the different types of Windows Teaming Modes (LACP vs. Switch Independent) à We went with LACP for this implementation A walk...

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