Folks it has been close to a year since we launched our Channel9 #CH9 series called .

We have had such amazing feedback over the past 12 months that I thought we would highlight our top 8 Episodes.

These 8 Episodes alone had over 60K unique views and as a result of your support I won the top Channel 9 contributor in all of Canada.


Coming in with almost 50 K views alone are countdown shows that @supercristal1 and I did.

These were so much fun to create and I think that we need to get Super Cristal back she has been offline for a while.

The top producer for the year was Episode #5 – MVPDays 2015 Countdown Show 1.

This one had almost 10K views or 12.5 % of our overall views for the year.

Great job @SuperCristal1.

Here is the video below


Another one that that has a chance of being the all-time most viewed is a video that I did with fellow MVP @ClintWyckoff.

We created a video that would discuss all of the questions that we had from a Global Webinar on Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V.

We had so many questions that we decided to break it into a 4 part series. Well wouldn’t you know it the first Video had over 4000 views in the first day and was only published a few weeks back. So right now it is sitting at #8 on the top all time list… You never know… Maybe it will de-throne @SuperCristal1 premium work in the countdown show.

Only time will tell.

Here is the video below




To everyone that contributed to this amazing Channel 9 series thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!