I recently had the chance to do a nice Deep Dive session on Hyper-V Networking.

It is often hard for customers to visualize what exactly is being configures with Hyper-V once it is installed.


The Diagram below was an illustration that walked through the following concepts:


Hardware Configuration of the Core Switches (Avaya in this Case)

NIC Configurations ( 12 x 1 GB in this Case) upgrading to 10 GB in the near future

Comparison of the different types of Windows Teaming Modes (LACP vs. Switch Independent) à We went with LACP for this implementation

A walk through from the ground up in creating the team that contained NIC Members 2,3,4 on two of the Respective 1 GB Cards (6 total)

How the Hyper-V Team is used as part of the External VSwitch that we created

How the Virtual Adapters are used for Host (Parent) Partition communications

And how / why we had to design the ISCSI Guest / Multi-Path solution the way we did.


These are all common questions that are asked at many customer sites so instead of just explaining it.


I figured I would nicely draw it out.


I am thinking about doing up some sessions on Channel 9 that specifically dedicate to setting up the Hyper-V Networking stack properly.


Would you be interested if I did these up?





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