Author: Dave Kawula

Performance Tuning Deduplication on Windows Server 2019 ReFS and #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, In the previous post, we talked about the essential operator’s report for Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2019. Today, I want to talk to you about the performance penalty that is required to run Deduplication on Windows Server 2019. Nothing in life is free, and this is certainly the case for Deduplication. Don’t get me wrong I love this feature and think that it is one of the best in Windows Server 2019; however, you must have an understanding of what it is that you are configuring. The first thing that you need to understand...

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Essential Operators Report for #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, I know we love Windows Admin Center for pretty much all things Storage Spaces Direct. However, at this time there are a few things that are missing for our wonderful HTML5 UI. The most important thing for Storage Spaces Direct admins is visibility into the ReFS, Deduplication, and Data Integrity logs. There has been much discussion around the Storage Spaces Direct Community surrounding volumes that go offline due to the DRT (Dirty Region Tracking) tables filling up. This normally happens when there is a catastrophic event to the cluster such as a hard power failure. Now,...

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Don’t forget to configure your Power Management Settings for #StorageSpacesDirect via Windows Admin Center

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Just a quick post here and a reminder to always configure your Power Management Settings for your Storage Spaces Direct nodes in both the BIOS and in Windows. Windows Admin Center has a hidden little gem that allows you to do this. It won’t show up in the configuration tabs that you see here: So where is it then? Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will find a settings wheel. Then come over to the Power Configuration tab and change the value to High Performance to match your BIOS Settings. That is it...

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Activating DataON MUST via Windows Admin Center for #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, Today I’m going to show you how to use the DataON MUST extension for Windows Admin Center. The only step that I have already completed is to register the DataON MUST extension by clicking on Settings, Extensions, and Installing it. As you can see below, it shows up as an installed extension inside of Windows Admin Center. Next, open up your Hyper-Converged Cluster Manager for Storage Spaces Direct. You will notice the new extension now shows up because we indeed are working with DataON hardware. The default view that you see above is make and model...

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Automated SDDC Diagnostics via Windows Admin Center for #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs fans, Today, I’m going to show you a little golden nugget that came with Windows Admin Center 1812+. I’m currently using version 1902, and it has added functionality to run diagnostic reports on Storage Spaces Direct automatically. Inside of Windows Admin Center in the Hyper-Converged section, you will notice a new Diagnostics tab. Just click on the install button to download the SDDC PowerShell Module on each of the nodes. You can see more information about this here: It runs the following on each node: After it has been installed successfully you can just turn on...

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