Author: Émile Cabot

Deployment Options for Windows 10 in SCCM

With the release of Windows 10 came a new deployment option that Microsoft calls an “In-Place Upgrade.” But wasn’t that always a method, like when we went from Windows XP to Windows 7? Kinda sorta, but not really. Traditionally, we often used MDT-integrated ConfigMgr task sequences to perform an operating system Refresh, which would put a new image on your workstation. The Refresh sequence was often called an In-Place upgrade, or Wipe ‘n Load, and therein lies the confusion. To set the bar, and to know when and how to use each, let’s dive into the various deployment options...

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Connecting on-premises to Azure using Windows Server 2016

One of the most powerful features of Azure is it’s ability to seamlessly integrate with your on-premises environment, functioning similar to every other site.  To connect the Azure resources to the on-premises network, we use an Azure Gateway. There are two types of gateways, and in the Classic Portal they’re known as Static Based Routing and Dynamic Based Routing.  The latter permits connections to Azure from multiple sites, however requires features that are not available in most routers.  As a result, connecting to a second site, such as Azure Resource Manager or a second physical location, becomes impossible. Rather...

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Going to VeeamOn in New Orleans?

I wanted to do a shout out to all you folks that are registered for VeeamOn, to consider coming to town a few days early. On the Friday before VeeamOn, Vanguards Dave and Cristal Kawula will be hosting a 1-day conference, called MVPDays Community Roadshow ( Early Bird tickets are free, and if you happen to miss those, the ticket cost is well worth the extra content that is presented at these shows. With presenters comprising of Microsoft MVPs, Veeam Vanguards, and other industry experts, MVPDays hosts a broad range of content for attendees across many different areas. It...

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S2D on Fanless Hardware

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with the Airtop-S Fanless Server from Compulab. This is a compact device, about the size of a Small Form Factor PC. What’s cool about it is that it uses a Natural AirFlow technology that does not require fans or liquid to cool the CPU and PCIe Video Card. They’ve also used an external power supply, similar to what you’d use to power a docking station, freeing up all kinds of space internally for nice extras. As the entire design has been customized with thermal considerations, CompuLab has also designed their own...

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Azure IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

One of the things that almost everyone asks me when starting cloud adoption, is what the difference is between the various as a Service models. So much so, that I recently did a presentation on the topic at MVPDays in Edmonton. Here are the main points that I talked about for Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service: Infrastructure as a Service IaaS, often called Cloud Infrastructure Services, is the first thing someone things of when they hear about “moving to the cloud.” Purely speaking, it’s a self-provisioned, self-managed server in someone else’s datacenter, that’s billed on a regular...

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