Office 365 from Zero to Hero – Part 5 #Office365 #MVPHour #OneDrive

Are you using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online with your Office 365 subscription? If so wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly populate and sync your document libraries from a mapped network drive or a CIFS share sitting on a NAS Appliance. I think this is very important because that is where all of my important files live in a corporate environment. So how exactly can we do this? Well the answer is with Symbolic Links. I have documented this process and gave a presentation at the Calgary Microsoft User Group recently on this exact topic. Luckily,...

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Office 365 from Zero to Hero – Part 4 #Office365 #MVPHour #OneDrive

I recently had the chance to work with the Calgary Microsoft User Group and delivered a session titled: An Absolute Beginners Guide to OneDrive for Business. In this session, I helped to level set the technology use cases for OneDrive for Business and showcase some of the new amazing features coming the Sync Client. I also discussed some of the concerns that modern businesses have when implementing and online service such as OneDrive for business including: Backing up, Restoring, Ransomware (WannaCry & CryptoLocker) and more. It was a great session and many thanks to the organizers of the CMUG...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 20 #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour

With the evolution of Storage Spaces Direct coming full circle since Oct/Nov 2016 when Microsoft Launched Windows Server 2016. I still get asked the questions about why RDMA is better than regular TCP/IP and how can I prove it. Well I tell you that there have been extensive tests but don’t just take my work on it. There is an amazing write-up that just came out from the @MellanoxTech Blog by Motti Beck @MottiBeck Sr. Director Enterprise Market Development at Mellanox Technologies Inc. In his blog posts he goes into the deepest of conversations about Storage Spaces Direct &...

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VeeamON 2017 – Our View of an Amazing Conference #VeeamON #VeeamVanguard #Veeam #MVPHour

We had such an amazing trip to New Orleans for the annual VeeamON Conference last week. I take a moment and showcase some of the amazing moments that were captured on social media of our team down there. We had a strong representation of Team Kawula and Team TriCon there including: Myself – Dave Kawula – Microsoft MVP and Veeam Vanguard @DaveKawula Super Cristal Kawula – Microsoft MVP and Veeam Vanguard @SuperCristal1 Allan Rafuse – Microsoft MVP and Veeam Vanguard @AllanRafuse Emile Cabot – Microsoft MVP – @ecabot And Cary Sun – 17 year Cisco CCIE – @SiFuSun We...

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CMUG – Absolute Beginners Guide to OneDrive for Business #MVPHour #OneDrive

Here is the link to the presentation from today session at the wonderful Calgary Microsoft User Group. Today’s session was held at the Chinook Mall location of the Microsoft Store in Calgary, AB. We had an amazing 40 + Register for this session and it was a lot of fun as always to deliver it. In the session we learned about the brand new feature coming with OneDrive and had a good walkthrough on how to differentiate between OneDrive Personal and OneDrive for Business. We also had a chance to learn how to migrate your NAS or File Shares...

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Site-to-Site VPN From Sophos UTM to AZURE #Azure #MVPHour #Sophos #Veeam

Recently I was asked by a customer to setup a Site-to-Site VPN between a Sophos UTM Firewall and their Azure Portal. Here are the steps that you should follow to get this done. The purpose of setting all of this up was to setup a secure offsite Veeam Backup and Replication Storage Repository to protect against a potential Ransomware attack. Here is the solution working in action. Here is a screen shot of what the finished product looks like: Settings in Microsoft AZURE Logon to the AZURE Management Portal. In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, click New....

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 19 #StorageSpacesDirect #MVPHour @MPECSInc @MellanoxTech

Back in March of 2017 we ran our annual MVPDays Community Roadshow and at the show my friend and fellow MVP Philip Elder @MPECSInc presented a session on Hyper-V Performance Bottlenecks. And out of this session he gave a wonderful talk on how he uses Mellanox Technologies and RoCE for all of his Storage Spaces Direct builds. Now interestingly enough the parts to build your very own Storage Spaces Direct core network can be very cost effective. I checked online and the MSX1012X-2BRS 12 Port QSFP+ model runs for around 2994 USD Street price. That isn’t bad when you...

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What’s new in Microsoft Internet Information Server 10 with Windows Server 2016 .@ch9 #MVPHour

As many organizations are working feverishly to move off legacy technology. I do believe that Windows Server 2016 and it’s core services like IIS 10 are the right choice. Understanding the fundamental enhancements to your core Web Platform are key to this migration path. IIS 10 introduces new support for HTTP 2.0 and provides some great enhancements over HTTP 1.1. For example, from a performance standpoint HTTP 2.0 can multiplex sessions over a common connection. And that’s important when you think about common webpages that share common linked components (CSS, Linked Files, Graphics, etc). What HTTP 2.0 does is...

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Microsoft Presence at #DevIntersection LiveStream on Channel 9 .@ch9 #MVPHour

In today’s fast-paced world with technology changing rapidly, it’s a challenge to stay on top of everything new while mastering the fundamentals. This exciting event, now in it’s forth year, brings your favorite Microsoft leaders, engineers and industry experts together to educate, network, and share their expertise with you. Just this year, ASP.NET Core, SQL Server 2016, Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10 and SharePoint 2016 launched. The new release of Windows Server is on the horizon and open source is becoming the norm. The cloud is real and so is cloud scaling. Are you ready? Invest in your companies...

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Flash Promo MVPDays Books are free again this month #PowerShell #HyperV #MVPHour #VeeamON #Veeam

From all of our amazing authors and team at MVPDays publishing we have done it again. From May 23-27,2017 you can get yourself a copy of each of our books we have released this year. You may be asking yourself why we do this??? The answer is so simple… Because we love to share with you the IT community. We recently had a chance to speak at #VeeamON 2017 the world’s largest availability Conference put on by Veeam Software. During our sessions, we gave away copies of our books and decided why not make them free once again for...

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Interview with an MVP Episode 62 – Live from New Orleans – #VeeamON Pre-Show #MVPHour

Welcome to our Pre-Show from the amazing VeeamON Conference in New Orleans, LA.   May 15-19, 2017.   MVP Allan Rafuse and myself, MVP Dave Kawula chat about how to get involved in a technical conference and use social media like Twitter. We also have a discussion about the local sightseeing options in New Orleans and area.   Because when you go to a conference it isn’t just about all the techie stuff.   Get out there and get to know the locals. The VeeamON Conference is the world premier Availability conference and had a large Microsoft Presence at the event including: Mark...

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#VeeamON 2017 Session Slide decks and links #Veeam #MVPHour #MVPBuzz

First of all, thank you to all of the 3000 + attendees of #VeeamON 2017. This year was a busy one for team Kawula as we presented 10 sessions. As promised here are some important links for you: GITHUB Repo You will find the Big Demo Scripts here Here are all the slide decks: Azure and Veeam the Best of Friends How to Setup your Storage Spaces Direct Lab in 20 Minutes or Less Earn your Black Belt in Hyper-V Performance Troubleshooting Everything you need to know about ReFS in 20 Minutes Top Tricks for Backing up Hyper-V...

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#VeeamON 2017 is available via @livestream #mvphour #veeam

Can’t make it down to the amazing venue in New Orleans, LA… Not to fear #VeeamON is available via LiveStream. Click below to add a reminder to your calendar to tune in LIVE for the VeeamON 2017 general sessions. Don’t miss out! Be a part of the experience! May 17 sessions reminder May 18 sessions reminder You can click the links above for some calendar reminders or just go to Happy Learning,...

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VeeamON Pre-Conference Survival Guide Part 1 – #VeeamON #Veeam #MVPBuzz

One of the most important parts of attending conferences all over the world is checking out the local scenery and nightlife. In our group from TriCon Elite we now have a total of 4 x Microsoft MVP’s and 3 x Veeam Vanguards and it is kind of cool to see a behind the scenes view of how we roll. One of the most important things that I have learned when travelling all over the world is to always ask the locals where to go. This week we had some amazing advice to go check out the local swamp tours....

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Microsoft Presence at #VeeamON 2017 #Veeam #HyperV

VeeamON 2017 is just around the corner and I wanted to let you know that our good friends from Microsoft will be joining us to present this year.     Here is a nice snip from the Microsoft Blog:   Jeff Woolsey will deliver the “Reinventing IT Infrastructure for Business Agility” session on Wednesday, May 17th from 11:15am to 12:15pm. In this session, Jeff will explore how Microsoft is helping customers and professionals with their cloud strategy and how Windows Server, System Center, Azure, and Operations Management Suite play a big role in this. Ben Armstrong will deliver...

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A Winning Combination – Veeam 9.5 and Windows Server 2016 – Part 1 #ReFS #Veeam #VeeamOn #MVPDays

In this post I’m going to touch on a few basic components that make Veeam 9.5 and Windows Server 2016 a winning combination. I will be presenting at a #VeeamOn breakout session on Thursday. We’ll be talking about using a Microsoft’s Storage Spaces Direct technology as a Veeam Backup and Restore File Repository. Which Operating and Filesystem do you think I’ll recommend?

I think we’ve all heard of Veeam by now, the most innovative and leading backup provider for virtual and physical environments. Regardless of hardware vendor, and regardless of hardware type, rackmount or hyper converged, it just works. But why is Veeam 9.5 and Windows Server 2016 a winning combination together? The two companies have worked hard together to simply and enhance existing technology not only to decrease backup and restore times, but to with storage technology to allow you to save space without deduplication and to guarantee the integrity of your data at rest. How? You’ll find out if you keep reading.

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Overview of our Microsoft MVP / #VeeamVanguard Sessions for #VeeamON 2017 #MVPBuzz

This year at VeeamON 2017 in New Orleans Dave and I will be presenting a total of 7 sessions. We wanted to do a quick write-up on them to let you know when and where they will be. First of all, let’s have a look at the floor plan for the Conference and Expo Hall in New Orleans. On Wednesday May 17, 2017 come hang out with Dave and Myself at the Microsoft Booth # 103. There will be a presentation theater setup there and we have a total of 5 sessions that we are doing including: (Note: The...

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The Case of the Mysterious Reboot #MVPHour @MVPDays #HyperV

This week I was asked by a client of mine to check into why a VM kept mysteriously rebooting. Here are some of my notes about this case à It actually turned into a nice little blog post. I have obviously redacted the customer information for privacy reasons. Case Notes: #1 –> The App Server had a schedule task to reboot every 2nd Thursday at 1:00 AM Note:  You have since disabled this schedule task and it hasn’t been in effect since 04/20/2017 #2 –> Windows updates are coming down via a Cloud Patching Solution on 05/06/2017 –> The...

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