Twice in the past year I’ve had someone reach out to me with Management Point issues in Configuration Manager, where Inventories weren’t processing and the mpcontrol.log was riddled with HTTP 500 errors.

This is not a typical production issue with ConfigMgr, and in both instances database stuff was being done that isn’t technically supported. Anyway…

After going through Configuration Manager’s prerequisites and ensuring all proper permissions were in place, we tried a site reset and then reinstalled the Management Point role.

Same problem.

So, here’s what we did:

Step 1: Create a new service account in Active Directory. Give it a complex password and set the account to never expire. Grant the account dbowner permissions to the Configuration Manager Database.

Step 2: Launch the ConfigMgr console and go into the Administration workspace. Expand Site Configuration and click on Servers and Site System Roles. Double-click the Management Point, and navigate to the Management Point Database tab. In the Management Point Connection Account section, change it from “Use the computer account…” to “Specify the account…” and add a New Account (not Existing Account like was highlighted when I took the screenshot!!).

Specify the service account created in the previous step, add the password, and click the Validate button. Confirm that the correct SQL information is specified, and click the Test Connection button. If all goes well, click OK to apply the change in the Management point Properties window.

Step 3: Browse to the ConfigMgr install directory, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager by default, and go into the bin\x64\cd.latest folder. Launch setup.exe from here and follow the wizard to perform a Site Reset. Wait for the process to complete.

Step 4: After the site reset finishes successfully, restart the Site Server.

Step 5: Wait a good 10 minutes after the server comes back up, log in and launch the MPControl.log in CMTrace. Log into a test machine and install something from Software Center. Trigger a hardware inventory. Watch the log file, and all the requests should be seeing an HTTP 200 response.