Month: September 2017

List of must Attend Sessions at Microsoft Ignite #MSIgnite .@MSIgnite #MVPHour

Hey Microsoft Fans, Today I wanted to chat with you about some of the must attend sessions at Microsoft Ignite. With a session catalog over 1100 sessions deep this year it can often be difficult to decide which sessions to attend. First on my list every year is checking out what MVP – Sami Laiho has to say. His sessions are always ranked high and he even received the Top Speaker at Ignite a few years back. Troubleshooting processes with Process Explorer and Process Monitor Sami Laiho On this session Sami Laiho, one of the world’s leading Windows professionals,...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 40 – 500k IOPS in 2-Node Non-RDMA Config #StorageSpacesDirect #HPE #S2D @MellanoxTech

Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans, Today I deployed a 2x Node Storage Spaces Direct configuration for a customer. They purchased 2 x HP DL380 G9’s, P840 Controllers (HBA’s), 256GB RAM, 6 x Intel 1.6 TB SSD, Mellanox CX-3 Pro network adapters, and connected to their existing Cisco Meraki Switches. Now, if you remember from an earlier blog post I was talking about the issues with Cisco Meraki not being able to support RDMA (RoCE) traffic in this current release. As a result this customer decided to use a non-RDMA configuration. Here are some of the results from our stress...

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Hot off the press E-Book – 6 Common #HyperV Configuration Mistakes to Avoid #Altaro

What do MVP’s do over their summer Vacation? Well, Cristal and I were busy writing another book. This time a great little E-Book Reference Guide on Hyper-V Configuration Mistakes to Avoid. This book is free from: What’s in this eBook? Hyper-V can be a deceptive technology. Although it’s straightforward enough to get a basic installation up and running with some elementary reading, it’s just as easy to make some bad mistakes when starting out. Certain environments lend themselves well to an initial deployment but often inexperienced users soon encounter unexpected problems. You’ll find plenty of resources online helping...

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Windows Server 1709 is a “Game Changer” for Hyper Converged Infrastructure #Microsoft #StorageSpacesDirect #Gartner

Hey Microsoft Fans, Earlier this week on the Microsoft Storage Blog there was a blog series on the new features of Windows Server 2016. Well now that the cat is out of the bag I think we can officially call our next version of Windows what it is “Windows Server 1709”. With announcements coming from Microsoft they are taking direct aim at Hyper Converged Industry leaders. Now interestingly enough Microsoft isn’t part of the Integrated Systems “Hyper Converged” Magic Quadrant. YET… I did a bit of digging this morning on Microsoft and the Magic Quadrant and here is what...

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Deploying Storage Spaces Direct – Part 39 – SES Enclosure issue with HPE DL380 G9 #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Storage Spaces Direct Fans, This week is all about production related issues with Storage Spaces Direct. About a week ago I ran into a very interesting issue with a client running on brand new HPE DL380 G9’s in a 4 x Node S2D Cluster. When we open Failover Cluster Manager and checked the Storage Enclosures one of the Nodes was only show 12 slots instead of 16. Checkout the screenshot below: Now one would think that something was wrong with Failover Clustering, Storage Spaces Direct, or Windows Drivers with this issue. As it turns out make sure to...

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