Month: February 2019

How to use Veeam to archive on-premises data to Azure Blob #Veeam #Azure #Azure Blob #MVPHOUR

Veeam released the Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 on January, also with this release, Veeam now also have support for Cloud based Object Storage, such as Azure Blob Storage which means that we can have the last 30 days of data stored on a local repository and then move the archive or later up to a Azure Blob but Azure Blob is capacity tier storage, you cannot use it as local backup repository and backup data to it directly. Let’s follow steps to configure it.


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Ping Sweep Using PowerShell -Quick and Dirty – #PowerShell #MVPHour

Hey there fans! Today I needed to ping sweep an entire subnet from a Windows Server 2012 box. Simple, right? There are plenty of free and paid tools out there ready to perform this task. My dilemma was, and is, I don’t want to install additional software, no matter how small and tight, on servers. Especially anything requiring additional licensing or support software such as, GASP, JAVA. Nope, nada, not on my watch. Keep server configurations clean and concise is my motto. What to do? My need still existed, and oh, by the way was fairly urgent. PowerShell...

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The Case of MMC.exe being blocked on Server 2019 – #WindowServer #MVPHour

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, I had a customer call me this weekend with a weird issue. They would logon to a Hyper-V Server and would get the following error message stating the mmc.exe was blocked and basically anything that required this: Services.msc, devmgmt.msc, virtmgmt.msc wouldn’t run. Here is how I reproduced the error: Would return this: It turns out the customer was running an Insiders Build of Windows Server 2019 and it had expired a few months back. The Hyper-V Host and Virtual Machines were still running and thus why were not notified of this earlier. This looks like it...

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Microsoft’s Mixed Messages Could Derail Windows Servicing Best Practices #Windows10 #WaaS

Background During the tepid Summer of 2018, Microsoft announced that it would be extending Windows 10 support for Education and Enterprise customers from 18 months to 30 months. In conjunction with that extension, they also announced that Windows 7 would receive additional support options for a hefty monthly fee. On the surface, I’m sure Microsoft’s marketing department thought these updates would generate goodwill and cheers of celebration. At a deeper level of analysis, the decisions by Microsoft are worthy of a facepalm because they fly in the face of how organizations should approach managing their Windows 10 ecosystem. I’ve...

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BUG Reports – Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces Direct Field Notes – January 2019 Edition – Not what we expected #StorageSpacesDirect

Hey Checkyourlogs Fans, I am writing to you here tonight after having some not so fun nights dealing with persisting issues with Windows Server 2019 and Storage Spaces Direct this month. Let me preface this with the fact that we are early adopters and all of my clients so far understand this and are willing to working Microsoft and the Vendors to improve the experience. WSSD is slated to come out with full certifications starting in March of 2019. My customer has decided to purchase a brand new Hyper-Converged Cluster running all NVME SSD flash drives. We have seen...

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