Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

I had a customer call me this weekend with a weird issue. They would logon to a Hyper-V Server and would get the following error message stating the mmc.exe was blocked and basically anything that required this: Services.msc, devmgmt.msc, virtmgmt.msc wouldn’t run.

Here is how I reproduced the error:

Would return this:

It turns out the customer was running an Insiders Build of Windows Server 2019 and it had expired a few months back. The Hyper-V Host and Virtual Machines were still running and thus why were not notified of this earlier.

This looks like it is the September release of the Windows Insiders Build.


What we are going to try is upgrading to an RTM Version of Windows Server 2019 which can actually be done in place.

I have seen trial versions of Windows Server 2016 expire with the RTM version before and that would just cause a rolling reboot loop. I’m not sure if expired RTM Trial media for WS2019 will do the same as this but it seems likely.

I had a bit of an issue because there were some running VM’s during the upgrade.

Because Hyper-V Manager was no longer Viable I just turned them off by using PowerShell

Get-VM | Stop-VM -Force

And away we go à I really hope that this will fix my issue up:

Yup sure enough that fixed up my issue.

I hope this blog saves you a ton of time.