Hey Checkyourlogs fans,

Today was an extremely frustrating afternoon for me. I had my drive fill up and all of a sudden, my OWA in Office 365 stopped working. Now, it just happened to occur at the same time as an Office 365 outage. The first thing that went through my head was not an outage in Office 365 but an issue with my profile becoming corrupt.

I tried everything that I could think of:

  • Free up disk space – Check
  • Test on new Profile – Check
  • Test on another machine – Check
  • Test on another browser – Check
  • Bang Head Against Wall – Check
  • Scream at my machine – Check

What I hadn’t thought about checking was to see if the issue actually resided on my machine at all.

Below is a screen shot of what I was facing:

As you can see in the above email the Preview Pane is missing and it is really frustrating.

I eventually ended up in a TechNet Forum with someone talking about this issue being an active incident and then it dawned on me to check the Admin Portal and Service Health.

Yup it sure looks like there is an issue.

Let’s dig in a bit deeper.

We can see that there is an open incident here EX124540 – Outlook on the web email messaging issue.

I was getting very frustrated over an issue I have zero control over. This is someone we all live with being in the cloud.

Time to go have some coffee and wait for Microsoft to Fix this for us.

Hope this saves you some frustration,