I love using the Azure Storage Explorer to have quick access to my storage accounts. For this month, the 1.14.1 update is ready. Here is a quick rundown of some of the fixes in the 1.14.1 release in two main types of categories: Hotfixes and New Capabilities.


  • There are many AzCopy hotfixes with the new 10.5.0 version. There is a long list of fixes that can be found on

New Capabilities:

  • New AzCopy settings (–decompress and –preserve-smb-info)
  • Blob: Custom domains can be used for blog service endpoints when copying blob URLs, files put in copy and paste clipboard can now be pasted into blog containers (This is a huge timesaver, will show below!) and other enhancements
  • Updates for queues
  • Updates for Linux version of Storage Explorer

The full list of updates for 1.14.1 can be found on GitHub, and upon entering Azure Storage Explorer; this is the message to update (Including the nice message to update on close of the app):

I want to highlight the one feature I like best with this, the clipboard integration. After I updated the app, I was really happy to give the capability a test drive. In the Storage Explorer, I was able to browse to an Azure blob container (cylrwv0dev0explorer) and use the paste button at the top with some files in my copy buffer. The files will then copy to the blob container right away as shown below:

The Paste button was there before, it however worked in the context of the files that were copied from other Azure storage resources; but now is extended to the local copy & paste buffer on your PC running Azure Storage Explorer. Fun fact I learned – it works for files in the copy and paste buffer, but not some copy items like screen shots or text.

You can upgrade easily if you already have Azure Storage Explorer – or download it here for installation.