Hey Storage Spaces Direct fans, over the course of the past few months we have been showing you how to build your own S2D environment using PowerShell and scripts like Big_Demo. We have gone almost 6 months now and there are some really critical Windows Updates that need to make their way into your lab. Normally this isn’t that big of an issue as we can setup internet access into the lab and just run Windows Updates or setup a WSUS Server to patch the S2D hosts with Cluster Aware Updating. However, this week I have a situation with a customer where I can get zero internet access into the lab. So my choices for quickly updating are a bit limited.


Here is what I did to quickly remediate this issue. We downloaded the latest Windows Server 2016 Cumulative Update based off KB4022715. This includes a nice little 1 GB .MSU file that can be easily copied into the lab using something like Copy-VMFile.


Here is a link to the Windows Catalog Download site:




With that you should be able to nicely either update your Gold Images and or just patch your existing labs.

Thanks and happy learning,