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Here is a preview of some of the amazing content coming out in our next @MVPDays Publishing book on Storage Spaces Direct and SCVMM 1711.

We went ahead and built out the lab based on the latest build of Windows Server Insider Build 17079.

One of the cool new features that has been added to Storage Spaces Direct in this version is the ability to Deduplication on ReFS volumes.

We saw approximately 75-80% space savings in our testing and that is about right in line with what Microsoft was telling us to expect.

Honestly, this is probably the most anticipated feature of Storage Spaces Direct for me and it is incredibly easy for you to setup and test for yourself.

I ran all of the following commands remotely….

First let’s see all of the commands that are available for Deduplication on Windows Insider Build 17079

$nodes = 's2d1'
icm $nodes {gcm *dedup*} 


Then check the Deduplication Status on the Volumes

icm $nodes {Get-DedupStatus} 

Normally you will need to install the Deduplication Role but in our case it was handled for us when we added the nodes to VMM.

We are ready to configure Deduplication on our Volumes by running the following command:

icm $nodes {Enable-DedupVolume -Volume C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2 -UsageType HyperV -verbose} 

We can then check the status of the Deduplication on our Cluster Shared Volumes

icm $nodes {Get-Dedupvolume | ft} 

Volume 2 doesn’t have any data on it yet so thus blank. You can see the savings on Volume 1.

icm $nodes {Get-Dedupstatus} 

Populate data onto Volume 2 and re-run the Deduplication Jobs

We can see even with the jobs not having completed yet we have near instant savings.

icm $nodes {Get-Dedupvolume} 

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy learning,

Dave Kawula – MVP