If you try to start a Hyper-V VM but failed, the error message shows Account does not have permission to open attachment VHDX General access denied error, don’t panic, today I am going to show you how to fix it.

1.Right-click the VHDX file, select Properties, review the Security permission, you will notice the VM SID is missing.

2.On the Error message page, click See details.

2.Take note for the virtual machine ID.

3.You also can use PowerShell cmdlet to check the virtual machine ID.

4.Open PowerShell as Administrator.

5.Run following cmdlet to check virtual machine ID for the virtual machine.

Get-VM ‘virtual machine name’ | Select Object VMID

6.Run following cmdlet to give the virtual machine ID to access VHDX file.

icacls <path of .vhd or .avhd file> /grant ‘Virtual Machine ID’:F

7.Verify the Security permission again to make sure the VMID has permission to access the VHDX file now.

Hope you enjoy this post.

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