Are you getting emails from IPHONE come sometimes with attachments as .HEIC extensions but cannot open them natively in Windows 10? No worry, please follow below steps, the OneDrive automatically converts them.

Step 1 – Open Windows Explorer
Step 2 – Right Click on One Drive and sign in with your user credential
Step 3 – Click Next, Next, all the way through
Step 4 – A new One Drive – user Icon will appear
Step 5 – Open the Email with the .HEIC attachment
Step 6 – Save the attachment to the OneDrive – user Folder
Step 7 – Open a Web Browser “Edge” and type Portal.Office.Com
Step 8 – On the left side click on the one drive ICON
Step 9 – Click on the File that was uploaded and it will be viewable

Hope you enjoy this post.

Cristal Kawula