If you forgot the password of nsroot account, don’t panic, today, I am going to show you how to reset password for nsroot account.

1.Reboot the Citrix ADC (if you are using physical appliance, you need to connect a computer to the console port of the Citrix ADC and log on before reboot.

2.Press CTRL+C when the following message appears:

Press [Ctrl-C] for command prompt, or any other key to boot immediately. Booting [kernel] in # seconds.

3.Run the following command to start the Citrix ADC in a single user mode: boot -s

4.After the appliance boots, it displays the following message:

Enter full path name of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh:

5.Press ENTER to display the # prompt.

6.Type the following commands to check the disk consistency.

/sbin/fsck_ufs /dev/ada0s1a


6.Type the following commands to mount the flash partition.

/sbin/mount /dev/ada0s1a /flash

7.Run the following command to display the mounted partitions.


8.Run the following command to change to the nsconfig directory.

cd /flash/nsconfig

9.Run the following command to create a configuration file that does not have commands defaulting to the administrator.

grep –v “set system user nsroot” ns.conf > new.conf

10.Run the following command to make a backup of the existing configuration file.

mv ns.conf old.ns.conf

11.Run the following command to rename the new.conf file to ns.conf.

mv new.conf ns.conf

12.Run the following command to reboot the Citrix ADC.


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