Come join us in Atlanta for the absolute “Coolest” event at MS Ignite 2016.

We hosting an event at the Duluth Ice Forum featuring an exhibition Hockey Game.

Planning for this event started over 1 year ago and was originally going to happen with MS Ignite Chicago… After the venue moved so did we.

There are still spots available for players, coaches, spectators and more.

This is a 100 % free community event. We have gracious sponsors that have stepped up to help cover our costs.

So far we have:

Veeam, HyperGrid, RSVC, and TriCon Elite Consulting. (Thank you guys so much)


Now let’s talk SWAG à There are some top secret amazing items that will be given away at this event. (Trust me you will want to come)

See more details here:

Hope to see everyone out there.




UPDTATE!!! – We are going to be heading to ATLANTA, GA and will have this event at the former Atlanta Thrashers Practice Facility.!!


This will be our very first Microsoft Ignite Cup.


For those of you that have joined us for Summit Cup (Citrix) in the past this event is an amazing amount of fun.


Time and Date Confirmed:


Reserve the date folks:


Saturday September 24, 7:40 PM – 9:40 PM


(Refreshments and food to follow at the local pub)




We are working on coordinating some transportation from downtown Atlanta close to the conference center to rink and back. (Depends on Sponsors that come on board)




Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I play on the same team with my friends?

Typically we will elect captains of each team and there will be a draft that takes place. The goal is to ensure both teams are evenly matched and in the event that one team is stronger there is a potential for in game trades 🙂 It will be super fun and we always ensure everyone has a good time.


2. What colour of jersey do I need?

Please bring both a black and a white jersey. We are trying to find enough sponsors to cover custom jerseys for the players. Just in case bring your own.


3. Can beginner players play?

Yes beginner players can play. We organize the teams so that it creates a fair and fun environment for everyone!


4. How long is Ignite Cup?

The whole event will take place on Saturday September 24, 2016. The event will be broken down into 2 games. Each Game will have 3 periods (12 minutes stop time). If we are running short of time the clock will be dropped in the third period.


5. Will there be prizes?

Yes of course. We are working on some cool prizes for game MVP and a few others.


6. Will there be refreshments after Ignite Cup?

yes we are working on this normally we get together at a local pub in the rink. If all goes well we will have some sponsorship in place to have all of this provided.


7. Will transportation to and from the rink be provided?

Yes we are working on getting a Bus to and from the rink. Worst case we make our own way to the Rink like a normal game. Priority is given to the players and the remaining seats will be allocated accordingly. There will be a separate registration list for the bus.


8. Are Sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes of course. These events are community run and the goal is to ensure enough funds are available that it will remain a free event. So if you or your company can help us out that would be greatly appreciated.


9. Team Pictures?

We always get some team pictures at the end of the game. If you have friends coming to watch encourage everyone to take pictures.