Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

A few weeks back we had a chance to run the 2nd annual Ignite Cup. This is a community event that we run at each Microsoft Ignite Conference.

Now, you are asking yourself what is Ignite Cup??

Simply put it is an exhibition hockey game that takes place prior to the Ignite Conference. We like to call it Geeks vs. Locals.

Eventually, we are hoping that we will have enough player to get geeks vs. more geeks.

This year’s game was so much fun as we found ourselves playing against some REALLY REALLY good ex-College players.

Man, they were fast!

This year was also the very first year that we had a Celebrity Coach come out to help promote the event and sit on the bench and provide top tier in game guidance and figure out trades.

Our Coach this year was none other than the legendary Stephen Rose @Stephenlrose.

We had geek hockey players fly in from all over the North America for this game from locations including: Boston, Atlanta, New York, Calgary, Wisconsin, and more.

Players ranged from IT Pro’s and Developers to CEO/CIO’s of IT Companies and Startups.

Next year we want to encourage more players to come join us from other regions around the world. Also, if you know someone that is interested in sponsoring we need a bit of help for next year….

On the way home from this year’s game our bag with all of the Ignite Cup Jerseys was lost by WestJet Airlines… Included in the bag was the IGNITE CUP. So, next year we will be forced to purchase these again.

If you are interested in supporting the event by picking up Jerseys, Icetime, Referees, Beer, or the new Ignite Cup. Let us know we will take whatever help we can get. We are also looking for help as event coordinators and player recruiters.

BTW à The geeks lost the first game 20 – 10 and won the 2nd game 14-6 after a few strategic in game trades with the locals.

Our geek MVP for 2017 was Clint Wyckoff – Cloud and Datacenter MVP who actually purchased new equipment prior to the game just to play. Our shootout champion was our Geek Goalie David Caruso who stood on his head and was deserving of this for sure.

Thanks to all that participated,

Dave and Cristal

(Founders of Ignite Cup)

Here are some great shots from the game: