Hey there Checkyourlogs Fans,

Today we are going to look at the latest release of Windows Admin Center version 1904. This is not the insiders build, but the latest GA build that Microsoft has delivered and it has some cool new enhancements. Like the new Azure hybrid Services.

Let’s go have a look at that now.

Setting up Azure Hybrid Services (WAC 1904GA)


Screenshot (if applicable)

  1. Logon to Windows Admin Center and select the Server you want to work with.
    1. Click on Azure Hybrid Services and click Register your Windows Admin Center Gateway to get Started
  1. On the Register the Gateway with Azure Window Copy the Device Code and clikck Device Login
  1. On the Device Login Page type your code and click Microsoft Azure PowerShell Continue
  1. Sign into your Azure TenantNOTE: Always enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your Azure Admin Accounts and Office 365 Global and Admin accounts

  1. Once completed you can close the Microsoft Azure Powershell Window
  1. Click the Register Button after you select your tenant
  1. Logon to your Azure Tenant go to Azure AD, Settings, Required Permissions, then Click Grant Permsssions YES
  1. Note your App ID and select the correct one
  1. Click on Settings
  1. Click on Required Permissions select Windows Azure Active Directory and click Add
  1. Click Yes on Grant Permssions
  1. Verify the settings and close the Auzre Portal
  1. Back in Windows Admin Center click Continue
  1. Wait a few minutes while things sync up

Now that this is done you can start integrating your on-prem environments directly with Azure.