Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

This past week we had the pleasure of working at the Microsoft Booth at the NetApp Insight Conference. At the booth the #1 topic of discussion was Microsoft’s brand-new Azure Data Box.

So, what is Azure Data Box. It is an import/export device that can be shipped to a customer site and then back to Microsoft for quick Data Import to their storage account.

It comes with 100 TB of available storage and is in preview right now.

You can check I tout here https://aka.ms/azuredatabox

The use cases for this are poor wan connectivity, large amounts of data to upload like (Veeam Backups), Archival data, etc.

Unpacking the Azure Data Box

Harsha Kiran Kanna – www.linkedin.com/harsha.kanna Product Manager for Azure Databox talking to interested attendees on the new Azure Data Box

The Azure Data Box ships in a self-contained unit with a Digital Shipping Label. It get’s shipped as you see it with a built in ruggedized case that is waterproof and shockproof.

Super Cristal working her MVP Magic with the attendees + Giving away the Microsoft flying Monkies.

Cristal had a large crown interested in her take on Azure Data Box and Azure Storage.

We were nicely placed at the Microsoft booth right by the Veeam Coffee Bar.

Till next time thanks and happy learning.