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Here is a quick little post on iWarp as a protocol that can be used to run RDMA for your Storage Spaces Direct deployments. The best part about iWarp is that it doesn’t require Switch or Server configuration it is pretty much plug and play. To this effect, Intel has created a nice little video explaining how it works.

NOTE: I haven’t personally setup a Storage Spaces Direct configuration in production using iWarp yet, and I am working with my first customer that is using it this week. Traditionally although more complete the lossless RoCE v2 networks that I setup are rock solid. I have heard rumblings from my other MVP friends that they have had mixed experiences using iWarp and for that reason, I still recommend RoCE/RDMA to my customers. This video, however, was interesting and a great way to learn a bit more.

Here is the video for you:

Thanks and have a great day.