In this series, we will learn about Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Let’s get started by first logging into to our Office 365 SharePoint Site for myself this is our corporate site at



We have just started to create some new Document Libraries in here and one of them is our Content Development. As you may or may not know we have been doing content development for organizations for the past 15 years and we have quite and extensive library of content. This would be a great starting point for us to get start with our OneDrive for Business discussions.



When you look at your Document Library inside of SharePoint Online there is an option to Sync your library. This is where we can find some more information on OneDrive for Business.


Let’s click the Get the OneDrive for Business app that’s right for me link and see where it takes us.




But wait a minute I’m already using Office 365 and I think I saw something in my Windows 10 build that had this client already installed. So, let’s just search for it in Windows 10…



Look there it. Let’s set this up and see how easy this is to use.


When it asks what Library to sync you will want to go to your SharePoint online site and copy and paste the URL from your Document Library that you want to SYNC with.


In my case, it was my Curriculum Development Document Library. I also wanted to change the storage path to G:\TriCOn-CurDev


When prompted sign in with your Office 365 account.



Now the waiting game begins



As it starts to work through the Sync Process the OneDrive for Business Application creates a nice folder structure for us.



Within about a minute or two I can now see my folder structure showing up.



The OneDrive for Business App now shows a status of finished. And is asking me to go checkout my files.



If you check the System Tray you can see there is a new OneDrive for Business Icon in there.



If you right click this is where you will get all of your post-configuration options.



You can now populate your Document Library in SharePoint online by simply copying files to your OneDrive for Business Sync Client.


Hope you enjoy and happy learning,