Well this is just a quick update that after setting up my Symbolic Links in the Part 2 of this series. My Mapped Network Drive Files have started to upload.

It seemed to take quite a while for the OneDrive for Business Sync Client to process all of the files prior to commencing the upload.

The exact time is unknown to me at this time. I don’t really care because once this is done my old File Server is getting turned off

As you can see from the screen shot above I only have 94K Files and about 300 GB of data to go.

I guess patience is key with this version of the Sync Client but overall I am very happy that I have been able to successfully do the following:

#1 – Not have a duplicate copy of my data to perform the Sync

#2 – Move the files easily up to my SharePoint Online Document Libraries using the OneDrive for Business Sync Client

#3 – Finally get rid of this super old Windows 2008 Storage Server

#4 – Throw and party and celebrate a Server that lasted almost 10 years for me.

In the next couple of posts I am going to dig into troubleshooting this client for you.

That’s all for now…

Happy Learning.