In the cluttered landscape of organizational email, bulk spam can significantly hinder productivity and expose users to potential security risks. Microsoft Defender offers a robust solution to mitigate these challenges through its advanced spam detection capabilities, which include handling bulk spam effectively. By configuring the action to take on detected bulk spam, organizations can enhance their operational efficiency and maintain a cleaner, safer communication environment. This adjustment not only reduces the workload on end-users by filtering out unwanted bulk messages but also contributes positively to your Microsoft Defender Secure Score. Below marks the process of setting the appropriate actions for bulk spam detection, ensuring that your email system is both secure and efficient. 

Note: “Recommended action” Remediations as identified by “Microsoft 365 admin center Portal ( \ Security \ Secure score \ Recommended actions” in a pristine baseline environment.

Rank Recommended action

161 Set action to take on bulk spam detection.

Microsoft Security Score

Secure Score Improvement: +0.29%



Set the action that will be taken on bulk spam detection.

Implementation status

100% of users are affected by policies that are configured securely.

  • Strict Preset Security Policy1705599886976 – 1 users (100%)



You have Microsoft Defender for Office 365 P1.

Next steps

Ensure that all users have an assigned inbound anti-spam policy with the ‘Bulk complaint level (BCL) met or exceeded’ option set to “Move message to Junk Email folder”, by either updating your existing policies or creating new ones.

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