Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

This past week I had the distinct pleasure of presenting an amazing session with Emile Cabot on Azure Site Recovery. This session was a continuation of the Zero to Hero series we had been presenting over the past few years. This time instead of looking at configuration we decided to look at the anatomy of a real-world Ransomware attack and how Azure Site Recovery could be used to save your bacon.


During this session, one of the key points to take away is that you have to assume that everything is lost. And when we say everything we mean: Domain Controllers, DNS, File Servers, DR Plan that was stored on the file server.


Here is the abstract for the session:

In a real-world scenario, your primary data center has just been hit with a ransomware attack and the only option is to failover to DR. Luckily you came to our session last year and opted to setup Azure Site Recovery (ASR). During this session, learn everything you need to know to recover using Azure Site Recovery. You also have a chance to ask questions from the expert MVPs presenting the session.


Here is the Session you can watch it yourself as all Theater sessions were recorded live at the event.



Emile and I enjoyed this, and we look forward to comments and feedback.


You can checkout this and all of the other sessions here: