Hey Checkyourlogs fans,

Next week marks my 7th trip to Redmond for our annual MVP Summit. This is the largest gathering of Microsoft Technical Community experts in the world. We get to have some fun, meet with the Product Teams, and learn all about the future from Microsoft.

The graphic above shows where everyone is coming in from. I’m obviously with the North American (Canadian) delegation and we have friends coming from every part of the planet.

Over 2000 MVP’s and Regional Directors are travelling from all over the world. 80 Countries in total for this amazing event. This event also marks the 1st for Cristal Kawula who was awarded her MVP last year.

We are all led by our fearless leader Simran Chaudry who is the #1 MVP Lead in the world back by popular votes and especially the Evaluations for the MVP Program each year.

One of my favourite parts of MVP Summit is when ALL of the Canadian MVP’s get together on Monday for the singing of Oh Canada

Lastly a Summit is NEVER Complete without the #1 party of the week à The Exclusive Canadian Party

If you don’t hear much from us next week it’s because we are all under NDA and can’t talk about all the cool things we learn. Sorry..

Dave Kawula – MVP