In my previous post, we went through the process of using Automatic Deployment Rules to create a fully automated patching process, complete with a pilot period, ideal for SMB customers. We’re now going to take those same patches and apply them to our Gold Image. This will reduce deployment times and frequency of Gold Image rebuilds, while maintaining a high initial patch level for newly deployed operating systems.

Note that in order for the following process to work, you have to have Software Updates configured in your environment, and have used it to patch workstations with a similar OS as the image we wish to service. It will also only work with Microsoft updates, and even those have to be Component Based Servicing updates, so not everything is able to be added with this method.

To patch our Gold Image, we need to expand the Operating Systems node in the Software Library and click on Operating System Images, then selecting our Gold Image. From the Ribbon, we’re going to click on the Schedule Updates button. I haven’t patched my Windows 8.1 image yet, so there’s quite a few in the screenshot.


Next, Next, Finish through the rest of the pages, and the servicing process begins. We’ll monitor the process from the OfflineServicingMgr.log file. As we can see, it’s ultimately just using DISM to mount the WIM and inject the updates…something we’ve been able to do for quite a while, however now that the process has been integrated into Configuration Manager, it seems to be gaining much more acceptance as a viable alternative to cracking the WIM to patch it. Manually, at least. J

What’s neat is that Configuration Manager will automatically create a backup of the WIM file, so in the event things go sour, we just have to rename the backup file and update our DPs, and we’ve reverted all changes.

Back in the Configuration Manager console, the updates that were added to the image can be viewed by selecting the Windows 8.1 image, then clicking on the Update Status tab in the Details Pane.


We simply need to distribute the updated WIM image to our DP(s) and give it a quick test before going on with our day!