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This week at the annual Microsoft MVP Summit two great communities have come together in a partnership to share more great knowledge.

“We are extremely excited to partner with The Krewe and their user community. The plan is to make the MVPDays series of Virtual Events, Books, and Media available to The Krewe’s membership. This will provide an exciting framework to continue our commitment of community first. We are also please to make our events available to Krewe members that are interested in public speaking. This will include mentorship, guidance and co-presentation opportunities. Seeing these two great communities come together will see year long amazing content flowing into the hands of IT Professionals.” Dave Kawula – Co-Founder MVPDays

MVPDays was founded by Cristal and Dave Kawula back in 2013. It started as a simple idea; “There’s got to be a good way for Microsoft MVPs to reach the IT community and share their vast knowledge and experience in a fun and engaging way” I mean, what is the point in recognizing these bright and inspiring individuals, and not leveraging them to inspire the community that they are a part of. Who should attend MVPDays? Anyone that has an interest in technology, is eager to learn, and wants to meet other likeminded individuals. This Roadshow is not just for Microsoft MVP’s it is for anyone in the IT Community. New in 2017 MVPDays is going to have our first series of Virtual Conferences. These live events will be held via Goto Webinar and Session will be available on You Tube. Now you can attend MVPDays from the comfort of your office and participate online and chat with our speakers as sessions take place.

I’m always looking for opportunities for you to level up your career. Today, I’m proud to announce our partnership with MVPDays. This relationship will provide our community access to professional training materials and opportunities to share their knowledge with thousands of IT Professionals around the globe. I’m truly excited about the things our combined communities will do. Big Thanks go out to Dave Kawula and the rest of the MVPDays team for providing this opportunity. Michael Bender – Co-Founder, The Krewe User Groups

The Krewe is a community organized professional IT networking group. We are a team of hard working, fun loving IT Pros & Developers with all levels of expertise. Our mission is to build a dynamic networking community through various activities and gatherings.

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“As a Krewe member and Co-founder of MVPDays, I am very excited about a partnership between the two. This presents a great opportunity to increase both access to IT experts as well as the IT community. MVPDays is known for being a great platform for MVPs and potential MVPs to share with the community, and partnering with the Krewe allows us to ensure that the great content that comes out of MVPDays conferences will continue to benefit members of the community, as well as expand our pool of potential MVP Speakers.” Cristal Kawula – Founder MVPDays

The future is extremely bright between these two amazing communities.


Our next event is coming up this upcoming Wednesday March 14, 2018. You can find details and register at www.mvpdays.com – For FREE!


Dave and Cristal Kawula – Founders of MVPDays