Ever need to know your Azure ID Tenant Guid/ObjectID? Here are a few ways to find it.

PowerShell Method

Import-Module MSOnline
$cred = Get-Credential -Message "Enter your Azure AD Tenant Administrator credentials"
Connect-MsolService -Credential $cred
Get-MsolCompanyInformation | Select-Object DisplayName, ObjectId

Azure Portal Website

  1. Log into https://portal.azure.com
  2. On the left, Click Azure Active Directory
  3. On the blade navigation for Azure Active Directory, click Properties

  4. View and or copy your Directory ID, AKA Tenant ID



Since I usually have an SCCM console opened and it has been integrated with Azure AD, you can actually view it there too. (SCCM 1710 Screenshot)



What other ways have you used to view your Azure AD tenant ID?