Migrate Mailboxes

Configuring the Default Mailbox Database for Exchange Server 2016

  1. Logon Exchange 2016 Server, open Exchange Management Shell.
  2. Get all mailbox databases information via follow cmdlet.


    Get-MailboxDatabase -IncludePreExchange2013


    3. Change the Default Mailbox Database name via follow cmdlet.


    Set-MailboxDatabase "Mailbox Database 1278187797" -Name DB01-2016


    4. Run follow cmdlet to check Mailbox Database path.


    Get-MailboxDatabase DB01-2016 | Fl *path*


    5. Run follow cmdlet to move Mailbox Database to right path.


    Move-DatabasePath -Identity DB01-2016 -EdbFilePath E:\DB01-2016\DB01-2016_DB\DB01-2016.edb -LogFolderPath E:\DB01-2016\DB01-2016_LOGS


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