Hey Checkyourlogs Fans,

Today, I will be showing you the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) for a DataON S2D-5208i (Azure Stack HCI) node. What we have done so far is plug in the onboard Lan-On-Motherboard ethernet ports and connected our cross-connect 25 GB cables between both nodes. When the units ship, they are pre-imaged with DataON’s standard build, and upon first poweron, you can access the server via their Intel Integrated BMC Web Console.

In our case, we accessed the server using

DataOn units ship with a default user ID / Password combination of – admin/admin or admin/admin1. This should be changed, and you should create alternate accounts as part of the setup.

Once, logged in, we can see a normal BMC/IPMI/DRAC/ILO type interface for out of band management.

The first step that I take is to connect to the server via the Remote Control tab and use the iKVM over HTML5 (Thank goodness for no more JAVA Requirements for this).

I typically will use Chrome as my browser to access these consoles as I have found edge to be a bit buggy at this time.

I click on the Launch iKVM over HTML5 button.

Once clicked, I can see that I get to the Windows Server 2019 OOBE screen. Enter your applicable details and click Next.

Accept the Eula and click Next.

Type in an Administrator Password and Click Finish

To force a Ctrl, Alt, Del you will click on the Keyboard button at the top left of the iKVM window.

Once logged in, you will see that the edition of the base image that DataON ships with is the evaluation edition.

To update the product key, we will follow the process outlined by Microsoft MVP and Author Cary Sun from – https://www.checkyourlogs.net/?p=64153

First, open an administrative Command Prompt and type the following:

Slmgr /upk

Slmgr /cpky

You will notice that the Product Key Expired pop-up is gone from the desktop now.

In the Activation Panel, we can see that Windows is no longer activated. Our next step is to change the edition of Windows from Evaluation to the full version.

Go back to the Administrative Command Prompt and type.

Dism /online /get-currentedition

This shows us that we are on ServerDataCenterEval

Next, type dism /online /get-targeteditions

Next, we will upgrade the version using the following command

Note: This step requires us to use a Retail Key for the initial version switch. We have extensively tested trying to use KMS keys with the DataON image, and it doesn’t work. I have grabbed a Retail Key from my MSDN site. We will swap this out for the customer’s key as the last step.

Dism /online /set-edition:ServerDataCenter /acceptEula /productkey:<YOUR-RETAIL-KEY-GOES-HERE>

Reboot the Server by pressing Y and Enter

After the reboot, log in as Administrator and open an Administrative Command Prompt again.

Type –

slmgr /ipk <CustomersKEY>

slmgr /ato

And with that, our base configurations are done.